Monthly Archives: July 2016

What To Call Your Event Wi-Fi? Funny Wi-Fi Names To Entertain Guests

Mobile app for conference? Absolutely! RFID swipe points? You got it! What to call your Wi-fi to make it clear to delegates which network to connect to? We have some suggestions… In an effort to send subtle (or not so … Read More

Event Technology Guide: 10 Best Uses of Virtual Reality for Events

Last month, we featured virtual reality as one of our top event technology trends for 2016 (yeah, we know – no secrets there, but we couldn’t ignore it). This month, we’ve been looking at the ways the tech is being … Read More

Event Tech of the Month: Glisser

Adding a little ‘tech chic’ to your event? Great event tech isn’t a gimmick, it can transform your event and help you to improve the delegate experience, open up new revenue streams for sponsors and gather a huge amount of … Read More