Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Challenges of Measuring Data

Trying to keep up with the latest data trends? The more event tech packages evolve, the more data we’re able to capture and store. But how do you get to grips with it all and make the most of the … Read More

April Networking Events for Event Professionals

Diaries out, it’s April and spring has sprung. Once in a while Team Noodle like to lift up their heads and walk away from the screen for a few hours. Not too long, just a few hours. Our favourite reason … Read More

Event Tech of the Month: Robots

Forget VR, 3D printing and drones, 2017 will be the year of robots for events. Robots have been creating unexpected waves in the world of event tech. Robots? Like C3PO and Mega Man? Not quite, but almost. Hollywood have been … Read More

February Event Tech News for #EventProfs

What’s that strange feeling on our skin? It feels all warm and fuzzy. Is it..could it actually be…is that the sun? It’s time to open up the Noodle Towers roof terrace, grab some ice cold beers and start enjoying the … Read More

Work With Noodle: Project & Events Executive

We’re an event technology company (sorry if you were expecting food)! We work mainly with mobile apps and RFID at a huge range of events and for a varied list of clients – big brands and companies but also much … Read More