Monthly Archives: March 2013

Why Do People Attend Events?

From trade shows to conferences, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to stepping away from our desks and heading out for some event time. As an attendee, it’s great to have so many options, but as a event organiser … Read More

Cake Of The Week: Edition 4

We’re continuing our love of cake this week by introducing you to the wonderful world of Lego cakes – we really struggled to pick just one cake for this week so thought we’d share a few of our favourites with … Read More

App Of The Week: Beat Those Crowds

You know when something comes along and you think ‘why has no-one ever thought of that before’ – well, you’re about to have one of those moments.     The very literally named ‘Avoid The Shopping Crowds’ is a web … Read More

Using Event Apps To Keep Sponsors Happy

  Sponsors and events go together like honeybees and flowers. It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship. They get to capture the attention of your attendees, and you’re able to use their assets to make your event a real success.   Attracting … Read More

App Of The Week – Outbox

Given the success of our other (sillier) weekly blog series, Cake Of The Week, we’ve decided to introduce another one focused on another of our other great loves – apps. We stumble across so many great apps which can make … Read More

How will the Facebook News Feed changes impact events?

It seems as if change is the only constant in the big bad world of Facebook and yesterday saw the latest announcement from Mr Zuckerberg and his team. This announcement is the biggest change to the overall user experience since … Read More

Cake Of The Week – Edition 3

Aside from our obvious passion for baked goods, we’re also partial to the odd game of Scrabble. I know, I know – Team Noodle are tragically geeky but we kinda like it that way.   So this week we’re combining … Read More

Key Mobile Trends for 2013

Mobile tech has been a hot topic of conversation for the last few years, and with good reason:   – 50% of adults regularly use their smartphones to access email and social networking sites (WHO, July 2012)   – 51% … Read More

How Event Apps Save You Time & Money

Every event app vendor on the planet will wax lyrical about how their product will save you time and money – well actually, most companies will! So we’ve decided to provide you with a handy breakdown of the areas where … Read More