Monthly Archives: March 2016

April Events for Event Professionals

An event professional’s work is never done. Except when it is. And you get to go out and have some fun yourself for a change! Roundtable Events for Event Professionals Can we save ourselves from the coming recession? (April 14) … Read More

Triumphant Bob, Running a Successful Event with Noodle Live

Managing Crowds: Can Mobile Event Apps Help?

Events mean crowds and crowds mean crowd management. #EventProfs know that dealing with large numbers of people and trying to make sure everyone has a great time can be stressful and frustrating. Can mobile event apps help? Getting the Right … Read More

Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet February 2016

Remember that time in February 2016 when everyone thought people accidentally dressing as their surroundings was absolutely hilarious? Yeah, so do we. We even took a break from creating bespoke conference apps and apps for events to create a list … Read More

How Much Data do #EventProfs Need to Gather at Events?

At Noodle Live our RFID and Event Mobile App packages are designed to improve the event experience for delegates, organisers and exhibitors alike, but there’s also a huge secondary benefit: our tech allows #EventProfs to collect huge piles of lovely data … Read More