Monthly Archives: February 2013

Cake Of The Week – Edition 2

More cake shaped goodness for you on the blog today and boy, have we hunted out a crazy one for you this week! Introducing…. the Hamburger Cake!     Now, the recipe comes from a website called Easy Cake Ideas … Read More

8 Awesome Uses of RFID and NFC

As you might expect, we’re pretty big fans of RFID and NFC here at Noodle Towers. We like to think it’s the technology which makes our own product stand out from the crowd. No idea what we’re talking about? The … Read More

Cake Of The Week

Here at Noodle towers, it’s safe to say we are big fans of cake. We’re also partial to a biscuit or two as well but let’s leave that for another day. Our love of cake not only extends to eating … Read More

Noodle Live at the AEO Conference 2013

We were very excited to launch Noodle Live at the AEO Conference 2013 – it was the perfect opportunity to show off our shiny new system and mobile app to the top bods in the events industry. The event was … Read More