Monthly Archives: October 2014

Best of the Internet

Here’s 10 fun things from around the Internet we’ve seen saw over the last month: 1. Turtles twerking in the shower have given us a new way to lighten the office mood. If you’re stressed, just do the turtle dance! … Read More

Guest Blog: Producing An Impeccable Event Video

Producing impeccable video content at your events leaves a valuable resource to which interested professionals can return again and again. Alternatively, cutting corners in pre-production, recording and editing can undermine what even your best speaker has to say. If the … Read More

The 10 Apps All #EventProfs Really Need

Most of us rely on a few apps every day to get things sorted in our personal lives, whether it be Google Maps, Facebook, Snapchat or Tinder (or Happn), but are you making the most of the wealth of apps … Read More