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Cake of the Month: Playable Angry Birds [video]

It’s been a little while, but as you’ll know, we in the Noodle Live team are partial to a bit of cake. But we don’t just like tasty ones. We like pretty ones too. In fact, the more attractive, the … Read More

19 things Facebook could have bought for $19billion

Has Mark Zuckerberg lost the plot? We’re not quite sure. With the news that Facebook has acquired WhatsApp in a deal worth $19billion in cash and shares we decided to have a look at what else he might have bought … Read More

Noodle Live background image

Noodle Live – 2014 so far

So what have we been up to in 2014 so far? Many, many things – and sitting on our bums is certainly not one of them!   With 11 events across the world under our belts in just 3 weeks, … Read More

We’re recruiting – Junior & Midweight Web/Mobile Developers

Come join team Noodle at our offices in Shoreditch, London and make awesome things all day long – we’ve got two great positions opening up so if you think you’ll cut the mustard, then get in touch.   As you … Read More

New Features - Noodle Live event app - Live Poll and Q&A

New Features: Live polling and Q&A Session tools

We want events to be interesting and easy, like everyone I guess, so we’ll never stop improving our apps and we’re always open to suggestions.   You wanted live polling, Q&A session support and ‘fastest finger first’ functionality. So, with … Read More

Boxer Dog on a trampoline from Best Animals on trampolines

Best of the Internet – Which Animal is Best on a Trampoline?

Occasionally the Internet rewards us with some uplifting moments. And what could be more uplifting than elastic rebound of a boxer dog on a trampoline?       Other animals have been tempted by these circular fun-pads too. Such as … Read More

musicMagpie fapp front page

App of the Month – musicMagpie

Weather wise, it’s been a pretty miserable year so far. With the amount of staying in we’ve done, we’ve realised that it’s time for a bit of clear out. SO, we’ve decided to get rid of some DVDS and we’ve … Read More