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So we’re writing this post with our tail slightly between our legs – we have a confession to make to you, our dear blog readers.




We had big dreams of bringing you a weekly dose of the best apps and cakes from around the web but then we realised that there weren’t an extra 10 hours in the week to fully commit to these two great loves – baked goods and tech. So we’re taking it down a level to bring you the same great posts, just on a monthly basis.


So now that *little* confession is out the way, we can focus on bringing you the best apps out there, as hunted out by the team here at Noodle Live. We’ve got something pretty cool lined up for you this month too – you know, just to make up for that little curveball.


After the Samsung Galaxy S4 launched last month, we were more than a little jealous of some of the features but being true Apple fans to the very end, it wasn’t quite enough to force us to make the jump. You’ll most likely have to pry the latest Apple toys from our cold dead fingers.



The most talked about functionality (and the one that made us sit up and notice) was the evolution of their eye tracking technology – namely Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. For those of you not in the know, these features allow you to scroll through pages, pause videos and shut down the displays based on your eye movements. To us, it sounded a little bit like being a superhero.


Now the clever folks over at Cube26 are bringing this to the iPhone, using their own brand of vision control technology which utilises the front facing camera to track eye movement.



Using the LookAway Player, you can search through videos as you would do normally on YouTube then the app will pause the video if you look away from the screen or mute the audio if you bring your finger up to your lips. You can control the sensitivity of the app via the settings.


The only obvious downside is that it’s just for YouTube but we still thought it was


a) an awesome hack and


b) a great proof-of-concept for other apps to incorporate similar functionality.


It’s a bit gimmicky but we do love a good gimmick and it does pave the way for some really interesting applications in the future for iPhone lovers everywhere



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