Best of the Tech Web – August


August. Our offices are still on the quiet side, inboxes slower than usual, the summer is drawing to a slow close and we’ll all be ‘back to school’ very soon! Luckily the tech world never stops turning and continues to churn out great stories for us geeks who never clock out of work mode!  Here’s our round-up of the month’s freshly squeezed tech news:


How to stop Google from tracking you and delete your personal data.


This news is out that we’re all being tracked by Google, even if we’ve turned our location history off. If you haven’t implemented the security steps that stop Google from keeping tags on your whereabouts, then now is the time!



Children are susceptible to peer pressure from robots.


Don’t let the innocent gaze of this little bot fool you!



Facebook says birthday fundraisers have raised more than $300 million over the past year.


An impressive feat and probably our favourite Facebook feature to date!



Apple hacked by biggest teen fan.


The files were stored in a folder on his laptop labelled ‘hacky hack hack’. Brilliant.




DeepMind says its AI can detect eye diseases as well as human doctors.


Ingenious. But how long before all of our doctors are replaced by bots?



“Lifeguard drone” rescues swimmer in Spain.


Who needs Baywatch when you have this red little number saving lives on the beach!?






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