Best of the Tech Web – December


The month of giving was true to its name, with stories of pop-stars, pooches and pranks galore! Let’s take a look back over December’s best finds across the tech web, on the last day of 2018.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, #EventProfs!


Deliveroo has already helped find 3 missing people.

An ingenious way to use the space on the back of those huge backpacks. Kudos to you, Deliveroo!



This map lets you hear what the world sounds like without humans.

Sounds like bliss to us.



Save The Children made a Contactless Christmas Jumper.

Tap and donate – just like that.



Beliebers help YouTube Rewind become ‘most disliked’.

Well, Beiber will be pleased to know he’s been kicked off that #1 spot! The new most disliked video has been torn apart as being a ‘giant ad for YouTube’ that doesn’t feature enough actual YouTubers.



Taylor Swift (possibly) used facial recognition to catch stalkers at concert.

Look what you made her do! All in all, this is pretty damn clever.



In memory of the tech that died in 2018.

So long, farewell, Google+.



A kennel that will protect your nervous dogs from noisy fireworks.

Pup-lovers, rejoice! Finally, a way to keep your pooches safe from the sounds of firecrackers and bangers.



Launch Centre Pro adds NFC Triggers and a host of other features for iPhone.

These NFC triggers are impressive stuff, we’re looking forward to see the other features that will be emerging next year.



Macaulay Culkin is Home Alone, again!

Ah, the nostalgia was almost too much to handle.



Lovot is Japan’s effort to spread love via robots.

Weird flex, but ok Japan! Let’s see if these cuddle-bots make it over to the UK.



This fake package gives porch thieves a rather glittery and smelly surprise.

So brilliant. A must-watch from this month!



Snapchat adds special filters, just for your furry friends.

Let’s be honest, we’ve been putting filters on our pets since the dawn of time. We appreciate this though, thank you Snapchat.



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