Best of the Tech Web From 2020 So Far


Time on your hands for some reading? Feel like geeking out over some of the best tech news from the year so far? We feel you. When we’re not making awesome event apps and RFID name badges for events, there’s nothing we like better than a cup of tea and a bit of tech ogling. Here are our favourite items to have been passed around on slack so far this year.

Fast-Charging, Bendable Energy Storage

This bendable battery has the capacity to charge rapidly and store large amounts of energy that can be used over a long period of time. It’s been developed by researchers at UCL and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It could be used in wearable tech, phones and electric vehicles.

This Farm Is Producing Clean Energy, Food and Water in Arid Landscapes

Using the latest technology, Sahara Forest Project are producing food, energy and clean water in landscapes that were previously thought to be arid and un-farmable. They are also revegitating desert areas.

Open Headphones

These awesome Unum headphones from Studio Frog Design fit around the edge of the ear, instead of closing the ear off like traditional ear bud headphones do. They enable you to hear the sound from your headphones, whilst also receiving ambient sounds, so you’re not blocking out your environment.

Genderless Voice AI

Q is the world’s first genderless AI. You can visit the website to hear the soothing, non-binary voice.

Drones Plant Trees

A Canadian company called Flash Forest is using drones to plant pre-sprouted trees in areas of Canada that have suffered from deforestation. They are hoping to have planted 1 billion pods by 2028.

Foldable Laptops Are Coming 

At industry-leading tech show, CES this year, a few different companies showed off their foldable laptops. The laptops follow a surge in companies releasing phones with foldable screens. Intel’s Horshoe was one of the most talked-about folding laptops at the show.

Beautiful Looking Smart Displays

Also on show at this year’s CES, was this beautiful smart display panel from Mui Lab. It’s a real piece of wood with an inset LED display. You can tap the wood to begin using it and it is designed to fit seamlessly into your home.

Seen another brilliant piece of tech? We’d love to hear about it. We’re always on the lookout for some geeky things to read while we take a break from creating our Noodle Live RFID name badges. Just let us know @NoodleLive.

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