Best of the Tech Web – October


October had it all; viral stories, curious headlines and AI horrors. Hooray for a great month on the tech web!


Banksy auction stunt leaves art world in shreds.

We’re pretty sure every #EventProf saw this one, Banksy’s awesome stunt hit headlines globally and received entertained praise from all corners of the earth. This particular article demonstrates how the shred prank was supposed to work, if only the tech hadn’t malfunctioned!



A city in China wants to launch an artificial moon into space.


The “illumination satellite” would reflect sunlight down to Earth, creating a glow about eight times brighter than the moon. Wondering why this might be needed?  Well, the rationale is that this artificial moon could save $174 million in electricity from streetlights.



Military Mystery Solved: Two Guys Out-Googled Google for an Image of Secretive US Base.


Two curious guys noticed that a certain part of Google Maps hadn’t been updated for 8 years and took it into their own hands to reveal the secret. We love a mystery…



What happens when a drone smashes into an airplane wing.


This mesmerising collision serves as a warning to aviators, demonstrating how much damage a small drone can do to a large aircraft. Ouch.



Portrait by AI programme sells for $432,000.


This AI created ‘masterpiece’ was the first of its kind to go under the hammer at a major auction house, fetching far higher than it was estimated to.



AI dreamed up these nightmare fuel Halloween masks.


Well. These are more terrifying than any human could hope to create!



Twitter loses 9 million users amid bot crackdown.


Twitter has had a mass cull of inactive spam accounts and took quite a hit in the process.



‘Dog Mode’ in a Tesla? Maybe.


Whether you love or loathe this idea, Musk’s brief affirmation of ‘dog mode’ potentially becoming a thing swept through the internet and caused quite the stir amongst the dog lovers of the world wide web.



A dating app has launched a new feature that fights ghosting.


Launching right on time around Halloween, dating app ‘Badoo’ announced that they hope to banish users going cold on each other. We wonder if it will work, or if ‘ghosting’ is here to stay! (Boo!)



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