Cake of the Month: Watermelon Cake

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Taking a break from the world of events, apps and new technology – we like to havea scout for one of our other favourite things – CAKE! This month we spotted this mouth-watering watermelon cake on baking blog Cake Central

What’s astounded us is just how realistic it looks complete with seeds (chocolate chips) a marvelous green rind and even that white bit where the red flesh of the melon meets the hard outside.

The photograph below take you through every step of the way, and you can find the details of how to make your own watermelon cake on the Cake Central website.

The red sponge cake with chocolate chips takes shape.

A layer of buttercream goes on.


And a layer of bright green fondant.

Before what elevates this cake to the Premier League of fruit representation in icing and sponge… an expert paintjob. A real watermelon to copy might help here!

Be warned, this one certainly isn’t as good for you as a slice of the real thing!