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Need to keep up with all the latest news and event industry gossip? Desperate for information about the latest event technology trends but can’t find easy to digest info that doesn’t make your head spin?

Never fear, Noodle Live are here! We spend loads of time keeping up with the latest news, events and headlines. Yup, we’re Evernote wizards and when we’re not busy drooling over the weird and wonderful world of, we’re clipping articles from our favourite event industry blogs and websites or tuning in to industry podcasts.

So we thought, hey, why not share the knowledge? Here are some of Team Noodle’s favourite places to catch up on the latest headlines:

Clemi Hardie
Head of Pencils
“I’m going to have to say the Noodle Live blog first of all! We put loads of time into creating great content that is upbeat and easy to digest. When I first founded Noodle Live I had the aim of making event tech easy to understand and fun for #EventProfs and this blog is part of that. I really want things like RFID name badges for events to feel accessible and useful for our clients.

Other than that my go-to is Event Industry News. Everything they publish is really relevant to a UK audience and their features are really on point too. I look at their website at least once a day to stay up to date.

I also love looking at the new tech being picked up by They find really interesting and unusual projects. Great for some tech inspiration.”


Kiarash Jacobs
Event Technology Consultant
“For events inspiration I love EventManagerBlog. Their articles are often in BuzzSumo’s most read articles for #EventProfs and they’re great for offering inspirational ideas as well as detailed coverage of the latest event industry trends.

I love reading Wired. They often write about the tech that isn’t getting talked about in other media channels or they take a really interesting perspective on what new advancements in science might mean for the future. I read a great article recently about Russian trolls and the tactics they use being similar to start up companies. Their podcast is also really worth a listen.”


Glyn Roberts
Chief Technical Officer
“The tech world moves really fast, so I spend a lot of time researching the latest updates and news. I read Hackner News and Medium fairly regularly and I also love listening to podcasts on my way to work to stay up to date about the latest tech and security news. Security Now is probably my favourite podcast, and I also listen to TWIT and AWS.”




Scherri Wilbraham
Project and Events Manager
Event Industry News is a bit of a one-stop shop for me. They cover everything from new hires and company growth to great venues and the latest news from exhibitions, tech and brands. A quick check of their daily headlines and Twitter feed keeps me up to date. The Event Tech Brief email newsletter is also worth signing up to if you want to get to grips with event technology trends.”




Rebecca Crossman
Project and Events Manager
“I love seeing the latest experiential events being covered in Campaign. It’s really interesting to see how much great work #EventProfs are doing and I get great inspiration for new ways to use tech at live events. C&IT cover a wide range of industry news too, from new venue openings to great case studies of live events.”




Kitty Jackson
Social & PR
IceOnline is one of my favourites as it’s full of little gems. They have a section called ‘My Story’ which looks at different people in the events industry and how they got to where they are. I also love their technology section. I find BizBash really worth looking at regularly too. When I’m looking for some great technology headlines, I love TheNextWeb.”




Daniel Collard
App Success Manager
Eventbrite have some interesting blogs about things you wouldn’t normally think to ask about. I recently read one called ‘5 Clever Ways to Improve your Email Subject Lines’ which provided me with several light bulb moments about how I could improve my own communications.”





Tanya Alder
HR & Operations Assistant
ExhibitionNews have loads of really interesting event industry headlines (like the first ever Noodle Live ebook) and I love their infographics. We spend a lot of time talking tech at Noodle Towers. I love the future section of Now This is News. The subjects written about on this blog are crazy but wonderful. Something always pops up that shocks, impresses or baffles me!”




Bratt Neumayer
Mobile Developer
“I’ve got to cast a second vote for Wired. They have a way of coming up with some really interesting and out of the ordinary stories. I also look at Eventbrite blog quite often. They’re one of the leading companies in the industry, so I’m always curious to see if they’ve posted any great stories.”




Know about a great event industry blog that we’ve missed? Why not give us a shout at Noodle Towers to let us know!

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