#EventProfs Chat: Top Event Industry Headlines (June 2017)


Do you follow the #EventProfs hashtag on Twitter? It’s a great way to stay connected with all of the news and discussion going on in the event industry, but it’s also bloomin’ exhausting trying to stay up to date. The hashtag is used more than 100 times per day and is one of the most active industry hashtags used in the UK. Phew – no wonder we’re all struggling to keep up.

Don’t worry #EventProfs. Noodle Live is here to make your life a little bit easier (just like our fantastic event tech). We love data, so we’ve analysed the most shared updates from social media over the last 30 days. Here’s what you missed:

  1. West Elm to Launch Its Own Boutique Hotels (17,800 shares)

In summary: High-end furniture retailer West Elm will design and furnish a chain of hotels. The retailer will use the hotels as alternatives to traditional shops. All items in the hotel will be for sale.

  1. Grand-Prix Events on English Roads (10,300 shares)

In summary: New laws coming in to force this month could allow for Monaco-style Grand Prix events on English streets. Now that the events are legal it will be up to local councils and authorities to approve the events.

  1. 60 Most Influential Event Professionals to Follow Backed By Science (3,200 shares)

In summary: Trying to get your head around Twitter? Follow these 60 influential #EventProfs to stay in the know.

  1. 6 Reasons Why Event Planning is the Worst Job on the Planet (and the best) (2,900 shares)

In summary: Not as bleak as it sounds! Event Manager Blog sums up the highs and lows of being an #EventProf, from long hours and high levels of stress to opportunities to travel and making every day different from the last.

  1. 14 Things We Don’t Need Anymore at Events (2,300 shares)

In summary: Event Manager Blog lists 14 things that all events could live without, from paper name badges (we couldn’t agree more) to paper handouts and business cards (ummm.. did someone say RFID enabled name badges?)

  1. Why You Should Create a Music Playlist for Your Next Meeting (1,800 shares)

In summary: In a survey of meeting attendees, the most common word used to describe meetings was “boring”. Fast Company suggest that using music could be the best way to change the atmosphere and engage your attendees.

  1. 13 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Become an Event Planner (1,200 shares)

In summary: How many parents would like their child to grow up to become an event planner? Event Manager Blog attempt to change that by listing all of the great opportunities you can expect your child to gain by becoming an #EventProf.

  1. 10 Things Event Planners Should do Before 9am (900 shares)

In summary: The thought of an early morning alarm might fill you with horror, but Event Manager Blog outline all of the benefits of an early start, from having a decent breakfast to being up to date on the latest news and headlines.

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