#EventProfs Must Read Articles, July 2017


July was a busy month for event professionals and the #EventProfs hashtag was buzzing. Short of being glued to Twitter all day everyday, how on earth are you meant to keep up?

We’ve got a solution: read our blog! When we’re not busy making mobile event apps, we’re researching the industry and the latest innovations. We’ve analysed the most popular headlines shared on the #EventProfs hashtag over the last 30 days to bring you the biggest stories this month.

1. US to extend laptop ban to all flights that flunk safeguards (1,100 shares)

Business travellers beware, the US are looking at a ban that could impact as many as 2,000 flights a day. The ban would mean no laptops at all in hand luggage, and could also have an impact on travelling with electronics in check-in bags. That’s a bound to be a huge blow to #EventProfs who travel!

2. Glastonbury shows it’s easy to offer access all areas (987 shares)

Wheelchair user James Cook reveals the secrets to Glastonbury’s excellent accessibility record. The number of people registering for access facilities at the festival has increased 700% since 2007, and the organisers are rising to the challenge.

3. Hamburg’s latest luxury hotel is an architectural wonder (653 shares)

Hamburg is the second busiest city in Germany and the Fontenay will be the first five-star hotel to open there in 18 years. Sitting on the banks of the Lake Alster, the chic design plays with light and space, making a stunning addition to the city’s events scene.

4. I shadowed a wedding planner on the day of a New York city wedding (464 shares)

A Business Insider journalists follows a New York wedding planner as she executes a stunning Williamsburg event. What does it take to stay calm amidst the storm.

5. State of the Industry 2017: Top 20 Agencies Revealed (409 shares)

C&IT’s list of the top 50 event agencies ranks UK agencies according to annual turnover. Jack Morton Worldwide came out top of the ranks and there were plenty of movers and shakers throughout the list.

6. 50 life lessons event planners will have learned (408 shares)

The life of an event planner is fast and furious. Event Manager Blog charts the top lessons we’ve all learned along the way. Number 1: Money can’t buy class. Enough said.

7. Millennials are attending events in droves because of fear of missing out (306 shares)

Looking for a gift for a friend? Here’s a clue: three quarters of millennials prefer experiences to things. Thanks to the rise of social media, there’s been a huge rise in the desire to be seen doing cool and unusual things. So how do #EventProfs make the most of this trends?

8. 15 Ways Event Planners Can Brainstorm New Ideas (278 shares)

Feeling creatively exhausted? As #EventProfs, we’re constantly being asked to come up with new ideas. Here are 15 ways to get your ideas flowing, from role playing to meditation.

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