How To Increase Event App Adoption


Ready to hit publish on your event app but wondering how to make sure your guests actually want to use it? In a busy world, it’s a good idea to give your delegates some simple incentives to encourage them to download and get the most out of their event app. Here’s our quick guide to making your app as appealing and easy to use as possible so that your delegates will be chomping at the bit to get hold of it.


Before the event even begins, you can spread the word about the app and get people downloading. That way, when the registration opens, they’ll be signed up and ready to go!

  • Create a low Barrier to use

When choosing an app provider, make sure you ask lots of questions about how quick and easy it will be for people to download the app and get online. The quicker and easier it is, the more likely that people will do it.

  • Include offers from sponsors and exhibitors

Nothing motivates us more than a good deal! Ask your sponsors and exhibitors to create special event offers that are available exclusively via the app, such or limited time discounts or free samples at the event itself

  • Let your delegates know about the app via email and social media…

…but remember it’s always a 2-way street. Make sure that every time you ask people to invest their time and energy into downloading the app, you’re giving them a reason to do so. Always offer something in return such as opportunities to book sessions in advance or download pre-event content and schedules

  • Consider creating specific benefits for app users

Could you offer specific seminars or meetings which can only be booked via the app? Could app users get exclusive content or be the first to book for seminars? If you create an exclusive benefit you’ll make your event app very appealing.

  • Allow people to upload profiles in advance

Allow guests to upload their personal profiles and search other people’s profiles before the event opens. That way they can maximise their networking potential and get a sense of who will be attending so that they can create a networking strategy

  • Add useful information to your app

Make your app as useful as possible and upload details including transport options and venue details

  • Collect pre-event surveys via the app

Sending out pre-event surveys to find out what people are looking for from your event? Send them via the app to get people logging in.

  • Include a benefit such as a lunch or drink voucher

Another great benefit for your event app users – free food! Who wouldn’t download an app to get a free sandwich or drink?

During the Event

Let’s face it, most of us won’t really think about the event we’re attending until we’re on our way there, so make sure you also help people get signed up on the day itself.

  • Provide on-site assistance

There’s one thing you can’t plan for at any event – human behaviour. No matter how easy your app seems to be to use, there will be people who need help to get started, so make sure you have plenty of help points and staff who are trained to help, particularly at the registration area

  • Promote the app around your venue

Make sure people know that there is an app and are aware of the benefits of using it. Put up posters, brief exhibitors and make regular announcements during seminars and sessions to let people know how great your app is.

  • Create personalised schedules

Help people keep track of where they want to be and when with an app that allows people to create personalised schedules for the event.

  • Add exclusive content

Uploaded exclusive content before your event? Keep going! Let people know that there is additional content and information that can only be accessed via the app. Whether it’s additional information from sessions, exclusive articles about topics of interest or round-ups of the best of the show, great content will motivate delegates to get downloading.

  • Brief speakers and exhibitors

Make sure your speakers and exhibitors know about the benefits of the app so that they can tell your delegates about it when they’re interacting during the event. You might want to hold a pre-event briefing or provide information packs during set up. Most app providers will be able to help you with this.

  • Run audience response features

Event apps can help your delegates interact with live sessions and increase engagement. Many event apps will include features such as live polling or Q&A so that guests can submit questions and respond to polls directly via the app. ·

  • Create a newsfeed

Just like your social media newsfeed, you can create a live newsfeed for your event. Delegates and exhibitors can share their experience with photos, comments and updates so that you can create a buzz and help stay up to date with everything that’s going on.

  • Gamify the app

Gamification increases engagement and motivates people to use all of the features your app offers. Create an active leaderboard for those who use the app most or award prizes for different categories of use. 

Post Event

Still want to increase the number of people using the app? The opportunity to get sign-ups doesn’t end when the event does. You can still offer people great reasons to download the app, even when the clear up crews are arriving.

  • Your app doesn’t need to be just for the event

It’s inevitable that people will have to cancel or miss the event for various reasons, but they can still experience some of the buzz, create great connections and even access great content via the app, so take the time to promote your event app to those who missed out on the live experience.

  • Add valuable content from the event

The doors might have closed, but your delegates will probably still be thinking about the things they learnt and saw at your event. So where can they get more info? Upload post-event content directly onto your app so that it becomes a hub for the post-event buzz. You can even ask people to fill out a feedback form before they can view the content in order to gather useful data about how successful the event was.

  • Encourage people to continue logging in

Make sure you let people know that the app will be available once the event is over.

  • Allow post-event networking and messaging

Guests will want to follow up with the contacts they’ve made, and where better to do so than via your app?


Wow. That’s a lot of very good reasons to download an event app. Want some more info on how you can go about creating an app for your event? Team Noodle love talking about all things appy, so feel free to use out online chat function or give us a quick call for a good old chinwag about what you can expect from a great app for events.

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