Introducing the NFC Event App!


Heard about NFC event apps and want to know more? Check out our handy video guide to event technology’s brand new superstar.

Noodle Live are proud (maybe even a little boastful, but hey, we worked for it) to be the first to market with an NFC-enabled mobile app! The geeks in the Noodle Labs worked day and night to create this little beauty.

Attendees can use the app to check into an event or individual sessions, swap contact details or collect content – all using their very own smartphone. To active the app, attendees simply tap their phone on a smart poster containing a tiny NFC sticker. Check out some more ideas for using NFC smart posters.

In the past, we’ve used RFID name badges along with screens placed around the event. With NFC event apps, the results are the same, but there is a big reduction in cost for #EventProfs, and it’s more user-friendly for your attendees. Winning on all fronts!

Event organisers can design and encode posters using our online portal. The posters then get displayed around the event so that attendees can scan them using their smartphone. It’s a simple update that could reduce costs and improve the attendee experience. Watch the video to find out more.

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