What Key Metrics Should I Measure at My Event?


Hands up who loves data. hands upWe do! Not in a weird way. Well OK, kind of in a weird way now that we think about it. We dream about data sometimes, but that’s another story.

Do you know you need to measure more event data but not sure what you should be measuring or how to use that data? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. There are a few key metrics to keep track of at any event. Here’s what to look out for:

Pre-Event Data

Pre-event, your main touch-points with delegates will be registration, views on your website and sign ups for your event app (if you have one). You can glean loads of really useful data from all of these interactions.


One of the first points of contact with your delegates will be when they visit your website. Look at your Google Analytics to understand what they’re clicking on and reading. This can give you some great insights into the things that interest your guests and can provide a great clue to which sessions will be most popular on the day.

Mobile App

If you’re using a mobile app for events most of your delegates will sign up before the event begins. Take a look through the usage patterns to see if they have a specific interest in a certain exhibitor or session. You can also ask specific questions to get a better sense of what people are looking for from the event.

Event Registration

If you set up your event registration correctly it can be a really useful way to gather data. Ask people about their interests and what they want to get from the event. You can use this information to personalise their event experience and suggest particular sessions or events.

Top tip: You can match the pre-registration fields with the registration fields in your app so people don’t have to fill out the same information twice.

Check-In Data

It’s a really good idea to have a good check-in system. A great registration system for events will provide you with loads of really interesting data. Check-in can help you to manage numbers and know who has arrived and who hasn’t. If you’re using advanced tech like RFID badges or wristbands you can even access this attendance data in real-time, so you’ll stay up to date at all times. Understand how many delegates you have inside the event, how many you are still expecting and how long people are staying. This can be a huge help when it comes to managing delegate flow.

Accurate check-in data will also give you information about year on year uplift so you can measure the success of the event against previous years. You can also gather a list of all the delegates who did not attend for personalised follow up communications.

Session Check In Data

You can ask delegates to check-in to each session they attend. Opt for a manual registration system or a more streamlined digital solution. At Noodle Live we offer wristbands and name tags with RFID tags that allow delegates to tap to register.

Data gathered from these quick registrations will allow you to keep tabs on the most popular sessions and speakers. You can also monitor room capacity and plan ahead if you think a session will need to be moved to a bigger space. The data about who attended is very useful for sponsors and can be used to generate sales leads or send relevant content post event.

Exhibitor Lead Capture Data

If you have exhibitor stands at your event you can offer exhibitors a variety of ways to capture leads. Simple barcode scanners allow people to scan delegates designated barcode to capture their details. More advanced solutions such as RFID badges allow you to gain a greater depth of information.

You can analyze the data gathered to gain useful insight into the most successful exhibitors. You can also create a heat map of the floor plan to find out where the biggest natural footfall took place and which stands received the most visits. This can help to inform your sales materials and pricing strategy for future events.

All Data Combined

Put all of your data together and you can create a really compelling case study to help you market or promote your next event. You can also create some really great figures and stats to hand over to the client. You can use the data to understand what worked and what you need to alter for next time.

Qualitative Data From Event Apps

Mobile event apps can provide you with even more information. You can gather questions that weren’t answered during Q&A sessions. These make great content for post event communications. You’ll also have access to all live poll and survey results that were run during the event. All of this information will be very useful for your marketing team and social media channels.

User Specific Data From Event App

Interested in following up with specific users? Take a look at data from your event app to understand more about who viewed which profiles, who requested what content and patterns of session attendance. This can help you to target your future marketing and communications efforts.

Still confused about the benefits of event data? No problem. Give us a call at Noodle Towers and we’d be happy to talk to you about your event and the ways you can use great event tech to help you reach your goals.

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