New Features For Noodle Live


We’re continuing on our mission to facilitate deep, valuable experiences at conferences and events with the launch of two new features for Noodle Live. In addition to all of the RFID awesomeness you’ve come to expect from our market-leading event app, we’ve now added polling and messaging into the mix.



The integration of new polling and instant messaging features means more meaningful interactions between event organisers, attendees and speakers – a better event experience for everyone!


Instant messaging gives event organisers the ability to easily message all attendees – perfect for flash promotions, special announcements and communicating last-minute schedule changes. Attendees can also use the IM feature to request meetings with exhibitors, connect with other visitors or to submit questions during speaker Q&As to ask questions.


Our new polling feature is a powerful tool for collecting feedback during and after an event. Polling can also be used during speaker sessions, gathering audience feedback and integrating the results directly into the speaker’s presentation in real time. For multiple questions, Surveys can be set up which generally run throughout the event and are best used for market research or gathering general feedback.

The new features are designed to appeal to events organisers looking to get an edge on their competition with an engagement-focused mobile strategy. It’s predicted that by 2016 three out of every four people in the UK will own a smartphone. People’s relationships with their mobile devices are changing the way they experience events, and event organisers have to be prepared to respond to that.

The new features were unveiled at disruptive technology conference Nerve and Interdependence Day 2013 event run by Latitude Digital Marketing. At Latitude, the speakers used Noodle Live’s polling and survey features to get visitor feedback on a range of topics, including marketing trends, publications and content consumption.


“We approached Noodle Live with the objective of encouraging more interaction between speakers and delegates, as well as with the aim of effectively measuring the opinions of our attendees on key market trends and behaviours,” said Eve Hyland, Head of Marketing at Latitude. “A fantastic 74% of our delegates registered for and used the app throughout the day and, as a result, we were able to transform the format of the event to be more interactive, facilitate networking amongst our delegates and also gain invaluable insight into what makes our stakeholders tick through the polling functionality.”


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