Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet 2015


It’s the big one – not just a run down of the funniest things to happen on the internet this month, but the ones that have been distracting us most from making apps for events over the entire year. And the awards go to…

Best moment of the year: That White and Gold Dress

Yep! By far the stand out moment for the internet in 2015 and one that we will still be talking about for years to come. By the way, it’s white and gold. No negotiation.


Best Viral Video: Quack Attack

Hand us some earmuffs! A trolley-full of quacking ducks became internet gold in September after their horrifying screams created thousands of shares and remixes. Behold, the demonic squawks of the #DuckArmy, broadcast straight from the bonfires of hell.

Best Meme: Hotline Bling

When Drake released his video for Hotline Bling, secret Dad dancers and their gorgeos ‘Dad bods’ everywhere rejoiced and the internet set about producing a stream of memes to showcase Drake’s spectacular moves.

And then there were the things you might have missed…

Pita, The Love Story


Politics met Shoreditch

These politicians with man buns made us feel all kinds of things we shouldn’t have.
Politicians with man buns

A Scottish mother accidentally ordered a cake with a ‘wee blind girl’ on top

‘Honey, I ordered you an adorable birthday cake with a wee blonde girl on top! Oh wait…’
Damn you auto-correct!


Two Old Ladies Flew For The First Time

Forget Snakes on a Plane. Nanas on a Plane is where it’s at…
Despite being an advert for a global telecommunications giant, this is genuinely brilliant.

New on the scene. December’s best moments:

Hello From the Movies

Team Noodle’s favourite distraction from December. You haven’t heard Adele’s new song until you’ve heard it re-created with a mash up of famous movie scenes.

Chimp Loves Magic

One of the most popular videos of the month saw this little chimp ROFL at the sight of a simple magic trick. If it gets this reaction every time, maybe we could introduce some magic into our apps for events?

A Capella Star Wars

A host of celebrities including The Roots, Jimmy Fallon and Harrison Ford joined together to create this a capella tribute to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Tetris, the Job Interview

We had been wondering about the fate of those Tetris shapes since their heyday in the 80’s. Now we don’t need to wonder any more.

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