Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet July 2016


The heady days of summer! Sitting in the park, enjoying the long, lingering evenings, catching Pokemon, avoiding the urge to stay on the sofa watching Stranger Things (again) and creating holograms of yourself to keep in the living room. The life of a tech geek is never boring. Whilst looking out for the latest innovations for our events app technology, we came across some crazy cool tech news stories. Here are our favourites from July 2016.

Finally, Holograms for Your Living Room

For get Skype! Can we hologram in for our next meeting? 

home hologram

Zero Waste: This Lamp is Built from the Packaging it Arrives In

Forget bags of rubbish at the end of your next event. Get on board with the zero waste movement and use every scrap of packaging. This light is made from the tube it is delivered in.

zero waste light

You Could Hack Your Car to Play Pokemon Go

This Tesla Model S car was hacked so that it could play Pokemon Go. And it broke the geek radar.

Car plays Pokemon Go  

Someone Created a Simulator to Help You Shower with your Dad 

No…What? Why?

Dad shower app


No More Arguing About Who Will Load the Dishwasher

Just get a robot to do it for you. Simple.

A Priceless Lost Statue Was Re-Created Using 3D Printing

Where did I put my keys? Shoot, I think I misplaced that priceless Greek statue too. Pah. I’ll just print a new one.

Zeus statue  

Sunscreening for Geeks

A fellow sunscreen-challenged Geek has invented a handheld device that shows you the areas that are missing sunscreen. Hooray!

A Security Camera Wirelessly Powered by Solar

Social media usually happens on the go – and now this camera can help you keep moving whilst you capture video content.

solar powered camera for smartphone

The Star Wars Motorbike Became a Reality 

Life = solved.

Modern Movies as VHS Tapes

The biggest Geek moment of the month. The magic of the 80s visit to Blockbusters lives on. Why does everything look so enticing. Grab us a crimping iron and a denim shirt asap.

Screen shot 2016-08-08 at 13.51.44


Seen anything online that made your jaw drop? Give us a break from creating events app technology and send us the link @NoodleLive. We’ll include it in our next round-up!

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