Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet September 2015

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lego man in space

Why did the pig cross the road? To avoid David Cameron.

In the digital world, this was a month with plenty of LOLs and even a couple of mini ROFLs. A lot of strange things happened, so we took a little time out from building beautiful, bespoke mobile event apps and performing the whip & nae nae to compile this essential list of the strangest, most unexpected and most cringe-worthy moments from the last 30 days in the land of the internets.

Quack Attack

Hand us some earmuffs!

The biggest viral of the month and one that we expect to stick around in the land of memes for a long time to come. A trolley-full of quacking ducks became internet gold in September after their horrifying screams spurned thousands of shares and remixes. Behold, the demonic squawks of the #DuckArmy, broadcast straight from the bonfires of hell.

Our favourite remix? This one hit the spot.

Run away and join the duck army? Nah. We’ll just carry on making gorgeous apps for events, thanks.

A Couple Made a Drunk History About How They Met

We’re big fans of the Drunk History series, so we’ve fallen in love with this couple who decided to create their own Drunk History video to tell the story of how they met. They played the video for their families at their wedding rehearsal dinner. Apparently Grandma found it hilarious.

How about a Drunk History of how we make our mobile event apps?

A Lego Spaceman Went Into Space

A Danish astronaut took a set of lego spacemen into orbit with him and snapped this picture. Childhood dreams come true.

Screen shot 2015-09-21 at 13.28.11

We Learned How to Win at Family Gatherings

Auntie Dolly’s meringue just can’t compete with these ninja skills!

Uptown Funk Tickled our Nostalgia

Some people have a lot of time on their hands and we love them for it. This dance-off compilation of 100 classic movie groovers set to Uptown funk will make you want to jump up and join un. Watch out for a brilliant appearance from Mary Poppins at 3:35.

This is Not a KFC Bucket

It’s a cake? But, it can’t be…How did she? Can we still eat the chicken?

Did we miss something? Tell us @NoodleLive and we’ll include it next month (plus, you’ll give us a reason to take a quick break from building mobile event apps and pop our feet up for a min).