The Home Alone Guide to Event Planning


Ever struggle to explain to your friends and family what it is that you actually do? Bored of people thinking you just swig champagne and throw nice parties? Yep, we feel you. Our families think we’re just geeking about making nice apps for events and RFID name badges all day long. Which we are, but you know, we also do other stuff too. Like pick out the next office chocolate biscuit of the week and talk about when Game of Thrones is coming back.

Anyway, we digress.

The point is, we thought we’d create a handy visual guide to help you demonstrate just how hard you actually work every day, and because it’s Christmas, we thought, who better than Kevin McCallister to guide us through the process. So here it is, the Home Alone guide to event planning:

  1. Create a vision of the event

If you’re going for Christmas! Go all out. Your guests will love stepping into a whole new world at your event.

2. Draw up a plan

Remember to include clear goals and objectives for the event.

3. Understand what success will feel like

Event tech like RFID name badges and apps for events can help you generate some really cool metrics to demonstrate how successful your event was and measure ROI with concrete numbers.

4. Run wild with awesome ideas

This is the moment when you can allow your imagination to run wild. Brainstorm, ask people’s advice and create allow yourself to think big.

5. Set a budget

Remember that the less you spend, the higher your ROI will be.

6. Assemble the perfect team

You can’t do it all on your own, so a great team of sidekicks will help to get the job done!

7. Keep your team members on the straight and narrow

There’s always one!

8. Find a venue

Go big, or go home!

9. Create a master plan document to cover all eventualities

You never know when things might fall through!

10. Reach out to potential partners

Keep an open mind about who you might want to work with. Sponsors and partners come from unexpected places!

11. Do some decorating

12. Take the relative health and safety precautions

Make sure you do your risk assessments!

13. Check the venue for trip hazards

14. Double check your timings

A great event plan includes careful attention to staying on time.

15. Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important

16. Get yourself ready

17. Hold the event

18. Brief all of your staff and sponsors

Make sure everyone is on the same page and understands all of your goals and objectives.

19. Welcome guests

Give them your best smile!

20. Let rip and have a great time

21. Create a friendly goodbye

22. Celebrate your success with the ones you love

Merry Christmas ya’ filthy animals!


Want to know more about how to plan great events and measure your success using awesome event tech products like RFID name badges and apps for events? Feel free to give us a call at Noodle Towers! Team Noodle are ready and waiting to answer your questions.


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