10 New Ideas For Using Event Apps


Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to apps for events? Think again #EventProfs, because the world of event apps is changing – rapidly.

Smartphones are getting smarter and it feels like we’re receiving exciting new tech announcements every day. For the geeks who create event apps, that means an ever-increasing list of updates and a whole list of possibilities.

1. Incentivise Survey Responses With Post Event Content

The struggle is real when it comes to getting those post event surveys filled out

What We Did

Struggle no more as we’ve got a great idea for how to get your delegates clamouring to fill out your survey.

We all know that delegates want to get their mitts on the slides post event so why not only push out the slides to those who complete your survey? We found it is quite the incentive – session content was only pushed out to those who completed the survey.

We suggested this to a client after hearing them lament about the difficulties of trying to get delegates to complete their survey.

How It Helped

Survey rates rocketed with over 70% of delegates filling out the post event survey – not bad I think you’ll agree!


2. Drive Uptake By Pre-Loading Your App With Goodies

Driving event app uptake can be a tough one at the best of times but this is one of our most tried and tested methods

What We Did

Driving uptake of your event app can be a walk in the park if you pre-load the app with something delegates really want.

We’ve had great success in driving initial app uptake by pre-loading the “My Documents” section with hotel reservations, joining instructions or drinks vouchers.

How It Helped

This has immediately boosted app uptake for numerous clients as it immediately flags up your event app as being central to the event experience. Getting them signed up is half the battle!


3. Make More Of Your Data With User Specific Analytics

Want to know more than just numbers for app analytics?

What We Did

We’ve put some serious effort into our reporting prowess in recent months with user specific reporting now available.

One of the first clients to use this feature provided exhibitors and sponsors with the option to purchase user specific analytics so they could see more than just how popular their profile was – they could actually access lists of who exactly viewed their profile and how they interacted with their profile such as website and content views.

How It Helped

The client was looking to provide key stakeholders with extra value and this was just the ticket providing a great source of “dark” leads which just added to the ROI for their key partners.

They are also planning to use the success of this feature to ensure those partners are coming back for more next year.


4. Get Creative With Your Sponsorship

Looking for something more creative than banner ads and sponsor profiles?

What We Did

Monetisation opportunities are a big priority for most of our clients and quite rightly so – your tech should work for your bottom line as well as the event experience.

We actually steer clear of the standard banner ads that are usually ignored and instead like to recommend content driven opportunities such as:

  • Driving traffic to stands and sponsored sessions via push notification
  • Sharing sponsor links and content via news feed
  • Pre loadding the app document stash with sponsored content

We were even able to filter these to target people of certain interests/industries/job titles and provided data post events detailing which users engaged with their content to aid followup

How It Helped

We helped create a number of new sponsorship opportunities which served stakeholders better than ever before whilst also neutralising the cost of the app


 5. Try Implementing Augmented Reality 

It’s the buzz word of the moment especially in the wake of Apple’s launch but how difficult is it to integrate in your event app?

What We Did

We’re getting ready to launch our first AR event app using the awesome powers of Zappar. Delegates will be able to access augmented reality experiences directly through the app via a special menu item which opens the phone camera allowing them to scan the event space

They could be seeing animated characters around the event, viewing mock-ups of how the venue could look when decorated in different ways, or even playing VR games around the venue (Pokemon Go-style). It’s a great way to gamify your event and add a bit of fun.

How It Helped

This is sure to add a definite wow factor to the event whilst driving event app usage and engagement with event content 


6. Use The App As Your Digital Help Desk

Need a handy way to field event queries?

What We Did

Our app contains a contact form as standard making it oh so simple to field all those queries. You can control which email address requests are sent to so this can easily fit in with your current help desk software.

One of our clients recently took it to the next level – they renamed the exhibitor section of the app to “Events Team” and created a profile for each of the team with an email address and mobile number. Delegates also had the option to instant message the team via the app making it a central focus for the whole event.

How It Helped

Ensured the app was centric to the event experience by making the most of the platform as a communication tool.


7. Use An App For More Than Conferences & Trade Shows

Think an app can’t be used for an award ceremony?

What We Did

We recently added a digital element to a complex awards ceremony. We utilised our exhibitor tab and renamed this “Nominees”. Each nominee had their own profile with their video award entry attached to their profile and the list was organised into handy categories.

Guests were encouraged to save their favourites ahead of the event and then on the night, the event feed proved a real hit with a shed load of selfies and good times shared.

How It Helped

As the app allowed guests to review entries ahead of the event, organisers could track nominee popularity via app analytics ahead of the big night.

The client then downloaded event feed after the and repurposed for post event content with best photos and updates from the night.


8. Streamline Delegate Movement With Personalised Communications

Need to ferry different groups around the event?

What We Did

We loved how one of our clients used push notifications to streamline delegate movements. They were addressing the challenge of directing 8 different groups around a huge venue over the course of a 5 day event.

They created a personalised schedule for each delegate and then used filtered push notifications to deliver personalised reminders to each group to drive them around the event.

How It Helped

This massively streamlined delegate movement with instant updates to group allocations and personalised schedules to handle last minute changes making these complex logistics a complete walk in the park.


9. Use App Insight To Create Engaging Follow Up Content

We all know how event apps add interactivity on site via Q&A, polling and survey features but how can you use this content post event.

What We Did

A recent bright spark saw this potential – they took the insights and feedback gained via Q&A sessions, live polls and news feed discussions and used this content to create a number of insightful white papers and blog posts.

They published this content initially exclusively through the app which extended the lifecycle of the app by driving valuable traffic back to the platform.

How It Helped

This was an excellent strategy for driving post event engagement whilst supporting the overall event marketing efforts.


10. Use An App For Your Exhibition Stands 

Want a tool for your own exhibition stands?

What We Did

One of our favourite clients was so impressed with our event app for their internal conferences that they wanted to use it as a lead capture tool for their industry trade shows.

We added lead capture functionality directly within the event app. Staff could access a form within the app, fill out someone’s details and save their information. They were then able to upload sales documents or product information and send them out instantly.

This meant leads were followed up straightaway and valuable data about potential clients was captured, increasing the clients ability to gather and store sales leads.

How It Helped

This immediately quantified presence their presence at the event, helped them monitor rep performance and delivered content instantly to hot prospects.


Hopefully that’s put a few ideas on the table for using apps for events or maybe it’s just created even more questions? 

Never fear, simply use the form below to give one of our event tech experts a call for your free event technology consultation or join us on our online Q&A webinar on Wednesday 4th October with our MD, Clemi Hardie.

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