Top Headlines for #EventProfs from September 2017


Who has time to plan great events, drink two litres of water a day, keep up with social media, eat healthy, go to the gym, attend networking events for #EventProfs, meditate, research alternatives to name badges for events (talk to us about RFID – yes, we know that was a tenuous link) and keep track of the latest headlines and trends in the event industry? 

We do! That’s right – we have almost no boundaries when it comes to work life balance, which is quite sad for us, but great news for you, as it means we can put our time into making handy lists of the most popular news and stories for #EventProfs every month. Hooray! Kind of.

Anyway, here’s the latest:

1. A Good Way to Add Things to Your To-Do List is To Add More Things To Your Not-To-Do List (1,700 shares)

Instead of talking about productivity tips, how about scaling down your activities? Is it possible that we’ve all succumbed to the cult of being busy when in reality, we should be doing less in order to achieve more? 

2. Airbnb Adds Restaurant Reservations (1,200 shares)

Airbnb are pushing ahead with their plan to become a full service travel company by adding restaurant reservations to their online platform. So far the service is only available for US destinations, but the company are expected to expand the service rapidly. 

3. See An Installation at Burning Man With 138,000 LED Lights (630 shares)

Take a look at this beautiful and inspiring installation from this year’s desert festival. The light installation included beautiful tree sculpture that was able to change colours in response to music and movement. 

4. After Motel 6 Immigrant Arrests, Hotels Explain How They’ll Protect Guest Information (609 shares)

Roughly 20 people were arrested by immigration officials last month after their details were handed over to the federal bureau whilst they were staying at Motel 6 hotels in the United States. The story led to public expressions of fear over the safety and privacy of customer details. The LA Times takes a look at the various ways the hotel industry is attempting to reassure the public. 

5. Behind the Rise of Chatbots in Meetings and Events (389 shares)

Ready for the invasion of the Chatbot? 2017 has seen the artificial intelligence tech spring into the spotlight. It’s now being used at meetings, events and conferences around the world and is set to continue growing in popularity. gives you a one stop guide to everything you need to know about the latest event tech trends. Chatbots can be really useful for providing event info and assisting at registration. If you use RFID as an alternative to name badges for events, a Chatbot can also add a fun entertainment dynamic and could potentially address guests by name.

6. How Events or Conferences are Marketed to, and Found By, Attendees (336 shares)

Research from XING events reveals some of the ways people find events. The research claims that 66% of people follow word of mouth recommendations whilst 59% of people find out about events from emails and event newsletters. 

7. 67 Event Marketing Tricks for Event Professionals (255 shares)

Those legends over at Event Manager Blog don’t do things by half. Need some help with your marketing for events? Check out not 1, but 67 tips and tricks to get more publicity for your next big project. From interviewing speakers to adding pop-ups to your website, there are plenty of practical solutions and hands on ideas you can implement today. For some extra help, take a look at our guide to the top free marketing resources for #EventProfs.

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