Missed the BNC Event Show 2019? Check Out These 5 Awesome Things…


It’s BNC Event Show time! Team Noodle were live at the event, talking all things RFID and event apps, offering event tech clinics to answer all of your burning tech questions and powering up the BNC’s first ever event app. Couldn’t make it? Never mind! We’ve rounded up some of the most exciting things we saw so that you can get some virtual BNC goodness directly on your screen. We’re nice like that.

Ocean Plastic Makes Great Furniture

There was a sustainability theme at this year’s BNC and we were really excited about Ecobooth – a design and production house who are repurposing ocean waste plastic to create furniture, objects and even display booths for your next event. In the past, they’ve organised beach cleans and turned the plastic into furniture for local schools, they’ve built a skate park from household plastic and created zero-waste visitor experiences for festivals.

Eye Contact Draws a Crowd

They say your eyes are the window to your soul, and there was a queue of people willing to bear theirs at BNC. Eye Con Art offer to capture an image of your retina and turn it into a piece of art that your guests can take home as a souvenir. The process takes seconds and you can add your branding or even collect the images together to make a larger collage of your community.

Team Building Can Have Purpose

Want to embed some CSR into your next event? Only 3 Elements offer CSR opportunities that include specific teambuilding exercises and away days or projects that you can add to your live event. Every event has a charity element, so your delegates have an opportunity to have fun while impacting and doing good for the local community. At BNC, o3e were offering the chance for attendees to get involved in designing skateboards to donate to local charities.

Our Discarded Hotel Soap and Toiletries can be Recycled

Clean Conscience work in partnership with UK hotels to help them find ways to recycle and repurpose unused soap and toiletries and then send it to those most in need of hygiene products. Hundreds of tonnes of half-used soap and toiletries end up in landfill or incinerators every year, and Clean Conscience are the first company in the UK to tackle the problem.

Our Nails Are The Best Canvas

Forget long hours hanging out at the salon. Get your digits looking slick whilst at your event thanks to Originails. They use a a digital nail art printer to create amazing designs that are ready to wear in an instant. Bring the nail booth to your live event and allow guests to choose their own design and then print it on to their nail within seconds.

Special mention also goes to Mike Piddock from Glisser who gave a fun, interactive seminar on audience engagement and taught us all the power of lego and to the lovely Charlalas who brought the vibes with their gorgeous songstress-ing. Thanks to everyone we’ve met at the BNC event show – see you all again in February.

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