5 Key Insights From The New Event App Bible


Every year, the brilliant Event Manager Blog releases an Event App Bible, a comprehensive report for #EventProfs looking at the latest trends and developments in the wonderful world of event apps. It’s a brilliant overview of the industry. If you haven’t read it, add it to your to-do list.

Short on time? We’ve put together this quick summary of our favourite bits:

2017 is the Year of the Event App

In 2017 they have titled the report The Event App Bible, Reboot. That’s because they believe 2017 will be a huge year for the event app. Following year on year growth of 20% in the industry, the event app is now ready to grow up, becoming more of a commodity than a nice-to-have.

We couldn’t agree more! At Noodle Live we’ve seen an average year on year growth of around 85% since we first launched in 2013, and Q1 of 2017 ended up being our most successful quarter yet. It feels like event apps have become a staple part of the events landscape.

“Noodle Live’s growth is really a mirror of the growth of the entire event technology sector,” says our Founder and Head of Pencils Clemi Hardie. “It’s moved from being seen as a nice addition to becoming an essential ingredient of any large scale event.”

Technology Has Improved Dramatically

In the Event App Bible, the writers suggest that one of the reasons event apps have come of age in 2017 is thanks to improvements in the technology available.

In 2017, artificial intelligence, voice activation and machine learning are all more readily available. This puts event apps in the spotlight and creates a new buzz around apps ability to disrupt the industry. Several major trends are identified: deep learning, chatbots, voice activation, holistic apps, social media gathering, networking capabilities and virtual reality.

45% of #EventProfs Don’t Use Apps

Following a survey, it was found that nearly half of all #EventProfs don’t use apps, but that the vast majority of them were planning to do so soon.

#eventprofs do not use event apps event app adoption 2017

What #EventProfs like about apps

The survey reached more than 300 #EventProfs and found that the most appealing features of the apps were:

-The possibility of ditching paper guides
-The ability to allow people to connect with each other in real-time
-Live engagement and feedback
-The ability to reduce strain on event staff by providing basic information and reducing the need for help points
-Real time, actionable data
-Ability to streamline the planning process for #EventProfs

Things to Consider Before Deciding to Opt for an Event App

Wondering whether you need an event app? In The Event App Bible 2017 they identify 8 important questions to ask yourself first.

Priorities: what are your main objectives for your event?
Users: what user groups do you have? (eg delegates, sponsors)
Chatbots and AI: do you need voice activation or artificial intelligence?
Roles and responsibilities: do you need to train and assign staff to manage the app, or would it be best to hire a company who supply staff?
Budget: have you assigned enough budget and is there any contingency?
Success and failure: what will success look like?
Communication: how will you let your attendees know about your app?
Timescales: map out a timeline of when you will need to announce the app, when you will need to upload data etc.

What do you do if time is limited and you need an event app fast?

Left it to the last minute? Here’s how to get an event app quick:

-Contact the event app providers directly instead of issuing an RFP
-Consider contacting a previous client to ask them about their experience
-Consider opting for a simplified version of the app
-Consider reducing the amount of features you are using
-Pay for support staff from the app provider
-Look for easy import and set up
-Consider a web enabled app that can be accessed on the internet rather than having to wait for approval from Apple
-Boost WiFi allowance at the venue as many delegates may download the app after arriving at the venue
-Consider waiting until your next event. If there’s not enough time to get the benefits you need from the app, consider waiting until you have more time to get the full benefit.

Interested in learning more about apps for events? At Noodle Live we offer mobile event apps and RFID or NFC registration badges and wristbands, allowing #EventProfs to gather loads of lovely data and insights about their events. We also love a good cup of tea and a quick chat on our roof terrace at Noodle Towers. Give us a call to find out more

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