Noodle Live Announce Rapid Growth and Expansion Plan


We’ve got great news and we’re bursting to share it!


Team Noodle are ridiculously excited to announce our next phase of growth following a rapid increase in turnover and a successful round of funding. We’ve been providing great event tech and apps for events since 2013, and we’ve seen an average year on year increase in growth of more than 85%. Following the successful release of a new event app dashboard in July 2016, Q1 of 2017 turned into our most successful quarter ever. With such rapid growth, it’s become evident that it’s time to expand.

“Noodle Live’s growth is really a mirror of the growth of the entire event technology sector,” says Clemi Hardie, Head of Pencils and Founder of Noodle Live. “It’s moved from being seen as a nice addition to becoming an essential ingredient of any large scale event.”

In 2016 we launched a new dashboard facility that allows #EventProfs to manage their own mobile apps for events and reduce the cost of off the shelf event tech. This new product has proved extremely successful and has opened the door to a wave of new clients.

We’ve now completed a successful round of fundraising to help us in our next phase of growth and have made the first hires for our new, expanding team. Over the next 12 months we are expecting Team Noodle to grow to a whopping 24 employees. That reminds us – we’re going to need a bigger kettle!

“It’s really exciting to see our team grow,” says Clemi. “We’re building on our 4 years of experience in the industry and we’re ready to move to the next stage and to grow our numbers and increase our output.”

Amongst our new hires we’re happy to introduce Chief Technical Officer, Glyn Roberts. Glyn brings more than 12 years experience in web development, project management and product delivery.

“Our focus for the coming year will be to increase our automation capabilities and continue to improve the scalability and security of the platform,” says Glyn. “We need to make sure we’re meeting high expectations from the caliber of clients we are now attracting.”

As well as hiring Glyn Roberts, we’ve also promoted Vicki Fox to Head of Events. She will lead the department and oversee the hire of two product specific teams to allow Noodle Live to handle a larger pool of clients and create more mobile apps for events. There will also be new hires within the sales team.

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