8 Best Tech Headlines of 2018 So Far…

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Wait, what? It’s nearly May already? When did the big freeze end and the second business quarter begin? Is that sun we see poking out from behind a cloud? I guess time really does fly when you’ve been busy writing data ebooks for #EventProfs, making epic apps for events and making personalised face lollipops of everyone in the office.

Anyway, whilst the days have been flying past, we’ve been noticing some awesome tech news and announcements that have really caught our eye. Here are some of the most interesting tech announcements and the top event technology trends of 2018 so far:

Air Taxis

Yep – the way people travel to and from events is rapidly changing. Apps like Uber and Lyft have already changed the landscape, and now Lyft are getting ready to launch self-driving vehicles too, but Bell Helicopter played the ultimate tech card at CES 2018, revealing a VR simulator of an air taxi. Uber were quick to swoop in and are rumoured to be looking at partnerships with Bell and other airborne companies.

What does it mean for events?

It means faster transport options to and from events, better services and a possible increase in the number of people willing to attend live events. Winning!

WhatTheFont is the Shazam of Fonts

Font geek? Rejoice at the release of WhatTheFont, the little app that allows you to identify any font with a simple point of the camera. If you love the font, you can then buy it on MyFonts and start using it straight away.

What does it mean for events?

Probably one for the marketing and design bods – but they’ll thank you for it! Up your visuals with some awesome fonts and turn the world into your vision board.

Samsung Wall TV

Display technology took a huge leap forward at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. LG revealed a rollable 4k OLED display television – perfect for transporting to and from live events. But the talk of the town was Samsung Wall TV, a whipping 146 inch 4k TV that uses ‘Micro LED’ technology for incredible picture quality.

What does it mean for #EventProfs?

Take over the exhibition or conference with a huge display screen that will blow visitors away. Or just pop some corn and watch a movie on your lonesome at home on a Saturday night. Either way. Viewing heaven.

Clothing Folding Robot

Getting the award for the tech you never knew you needed – we present to you, the clothes folding robot. Laundry will never be the same again.

What does it mean for #EventProfs?

One less thing on the to-do list!

VR Adds Touch

VR has been the tech buzzword of the moment for a whole lot of moments in a row recently. Everyone’s trying to work out how to take VR to the next level, and now, thanks to ‘noninvasive brain zapping’ technology, touch has been added to VR too.

What does it mean for #EventProfs?

Everyone loves to try something new and have a unique experience at a live event. VR can be great entertainment, and it can also be genuinely helpful when allowing people to experience places and spaces that you can’t reach in person. Several venues are working on VR tours so that #EventProfs like you can experience the space without having to visit in person. Experiential marketing is also making great use of VR tools.

Telepresence Became Closer to Reality

Danish company RealFiction created DeepFrame, large curved display screens that create projections that act like holograms and can be overlaid onto the world around you.

What does it mean for #EventProfs?

More great entertainment tech. Imagine turning your delegates into holograms and allowing them to interact with your company mascot or logo. Social media gold!

Plastic Eating Bacteria

One of the more hopeful tech headlines for anyone who’s worrying about the amount of plastic they use every day. In an accidental discovery, scientists found an enzyme that seems to be able to eat plastic waste. Tests are still underway, but this could be amazing news for the environment.

What does it mean for #EventProfs?

Trying to reduce the footprint of your events? Plastic eating bacteria could be a godsend when it comes to responsible disposal of the plastic used at events.


Darkroom Photo Editing App

Apps are still huge business for Apple. In the first quarter of 2018, Apple downloads broke all records for revenue. Our appetite for the app just doesn’t seem to wane. Photo apps are some of the most popular tools that catch the public eye. Amongst the latest offerings, the Darkroom app is a fairly straightforward app that offers extra detailing, including DIY filters and an infinite editing history.

What does it mean for #EventProfs?

Photographs and social media updates from delegates are great publicity for your event. Encourage delegates to download new editing apps or create your own custom filters to increase engagement and generate more buzz.

Want to stay up to date about the latest tech news for #EventProfs? Keen to stay on top of the latest event technology trends? Keep an eye on the Noodle Live blog and Twitter account for the latest updates from our resident tech geeks.