Get Your Noodle Live eBook: The Essential Guide to Data for #EventProfs


Feeling dizzy about data?

With 5 years experience in gathering data at live events and implementing event tech that helps #EventProfs analyse the success and ROI of their event (OK, we’re boasting now), Team Noodle have released a brand new data eBook! Yup – we love talking about data so much that we’ve gone and written a whole bloomin’ book about the stuff.


Our first ever ebook focuses on all things data, including staying on the right side of GDPR. It’s designed to help #EventProfs navigate the hype and get an easy-to-digest guide to dealing with data. You’ll be a data whizz kid in no time at all.

Topics covered include:

-What types of data you can collect

-How you can collect this data

-How you can use this data post event

-How data can demonstrate ROI

-How GDPR affects data capture

Want a piece of the action? The eBook is completely free to download!

Download the data ebook here! 

Live Webinar

Still want more?

Oh, go on then! The new ebook is also accompanied by a live webinar Q&A session with Noodle’s chief data experts. The webinar will take place 11am-12pm on May 2nd and will cover all areas of data for live events. It’s a great place to ask questions (from the comfort of your chair) and get a quick overview of the latest trends in data gathering.

To take part, you simply need to sign up to the roundtable. It’s completely free and you can log in from anywhere in the world.

The panel will include Noodle Live’s founder and event tech geek Clemi Hardie, as well as Event Tech Consultants Adam Freeman, Hannah Todd and Kiarash Jacobs. Come along and ask your data questions #EventProfs – it’s our favourite subject!

About The Experts

Clemi Hardie is the founder of Noodle Live, one of the UK’s leading event technology companies specialising in RFID smart badges and event apps. She founded Noodle Live in 2013 after noticing a space for more efficient and intelligent tech to help gather concrete data about happened during the event. This data helps #EventProfs analyse the event, demonstrate ROI and compete with other marketing channels when it comes to proving impact. Forget relying on word of mouth – Noodle Live can help you to gather the stats and figures you need to prove that your event is a great investment.

Adam Freeman is Noodle’s Commercial Director and has more than 12 years experience as a technology consultant, helping to ensure successful technology deployment across a number of industries.

Hannah Todd is a Senior Event Tech Consultant at Noodle Live. She has an in-depth understanding of event tech products and how best to implement it to help #EventProfs achieve their goals

Kiarash Jacobs is an Event Tech Consultant at Noodle Live. He specialises in consultation in working with event organisers to help them to find the right tech to capture the data that will be most useful to them.

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