App of the Month – Infinite Jukebox

Noodle Live App of the Month - Infinite Jukebox

Summer is here and it’s time to put on some tunes. But you know when you love a song so much that you never want it to end? The Undertone’s Teenage Kicks is just over two minutes long for example, but imagine if by some kind of voodoo you managed to make it (and every song) last forever…


The Infinite Jukebox - Noodle Live app of the month

What is it?

“For when your favorite song just isn’t long enough”


Infinite Jukebox is a web app that analyses songs and calculates pathways through it so that it can jump to different parts of the song, creating an indefinite loop. It’s hard to explain, try it out!


Noodle Live App of the Month - Infinite Jukebox


Why use it?

As already mentioned, rather than hitting repeat, you can make your favourite songs last forever. Of course that also means that you can make awful songs last forever too! Try annoying the office with perpetual Cliff Richard, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing or MMMBop by Hanson.


There are also those end of party moments where you just want to keep dancing which perhaps explains why Gangnam Style is the 2nd most popular track on Infinite Jukebox!


Noodle Live App of the Month - Infinite Jukebox - Gangnam Style


So tell me more…

Powered by the Echo Nest (who also power Spotify, Rdio and Vevo) it was developed by Paul Lamere at the Boston Music Hack Day. The Infinite Jukebox app works by decomposing an uploaded track into individual beats who explained a bit more, “each beat is then analyzed and matched to other similar sounding beats in the song.


This information is used to create a detailed song graph of paths to similar sounding beats. As the song is played, when the next beat has similar sounding beats there’s a chance that we will branch to a completely different part of the song.


This process of branching to similar sounding beats can continue forever, giving you an infinitely long version of the song.


Noodle Live App of the Month - Infinite Jukebox powered by The Echo Nest


Should I download it?

No need! It’s a web app so you can get straight on it now and give it a go. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in the background so you can’t use your device for anything else while listening to Carly Rae Jepsen sing Call Me Maybe until the end of time.


Noodle Live App of the Month - Infinite Jukebox - Carly Rae Jepsen


Let us know if there’s a track that works particularly well on Infinite Jukebox, we’d love to hear!


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