App Of The Month: Jifiti


Every so often, we stumble across an idea that just makes us go WOW! And our blog series ‘App Of The Month’ is the perfect place to share these discoveries with you.


This month, we’ve got a great little bit of tech in the hotseat – Jifiti. This handy little app really bridges the gap between online shopping and hitting high street but with a special focus on gift giving.





Simply scan a product barcode and send a voucher to a friend – all they have to do is visit their local store to pick up their gift. There’s a few other nifty features in there too – like being able to split the cost of a gift between a few people (Mothers Day anyone?) and you can also select gifts from their website too.


Now, the concept is great but the only sticking point for us is why does the receiver have to visit the store to pick up their gift? Surely it would be better if they were able to have it delivered by redeeming their voucher or if the app just sent it to them automatically to keep the element of surprise?


There’s only a few bricks and motor stores signed up – namely Barnes & Nobles, Sears, Gap and The Body Shop – and we’re still waiting for this service to hit the UK.


It’s an interesting development for sure and a step in the right direction for bridging the online/offline divide – we’ll be keeping our eye on Jifiti for future updates.




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