App Of The Week – Outbox


Given the success of our other (sillier) weekly blog series, Cake Of The Week, we’ve decided to introduce another one focused on another of our other great loves – apps. We stumble across so many great apps which can make your everyday life that little bit easier so we decided it was high time we  started to share our best discoveries with our loyal blog readers.


Our first featured app is Outbox – another tool which aims to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world. In a nutshell – Outbox will collect your physical mail and digitize it, delivering it straight into your inbox.



The sign up process is a little spooky – you take a photo of your mailbox key and Outbox will create a copy for their ‘unpostmen’ to collect your mail. On collection, each piece of mail is sorted and photographed before being uploaded into the users inbox, ready to access via the Outbox app.


One really nifty feature is that if you mark a piece of mail as junk, Outbox will contact the sender on your behalf to stop any more mail being delivered. And if you want to retain a piece of mail in physical form, you can request any item to be redelivered to you. Simple.


There are some privacy concerns however – do you really want someone else reading all your mail? And what happens if you live in a shared house? For us, it’s not really an issue – after all, who actually receives personal mail in physical form except on your birthday? It’s usually just a stack of bank statements and bills which have a much higher chance of getting your attention if they end up in your inbox.


We think it’s a pretty neat idea but unfortunately, it’s only available in the US with the price tag of $4.99/month. Who knows, if it takes off, we may soon see a UK based Outbox service and we’ll be the first to sign up.

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