Using Event Apps To Keep Sponsors Happy



Sponsors and events go together like honeybees and flowers. It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship. They get to capture the attention of your attendees, and you’re able to use their assets to make your event a real success.


Attracting and keeping premium sponsors is a key task on any event organiser’s checklist, and it’s not always easy. In an era of tight budgets and lots of competition, putting together an attractive sponsorship package is critical to landing the right kind of sponsor for your event.


Not only that, if you can find someone great that you can build a long-term relationship with and bring on board for future events, you’re saving yourself a stack of time further down the road.


So keeping your sponsors happy is important. The good news is that you can use your event app to keep them smiling. Here’s how:


Digital real estate

An event app offers your sponsor or sponsors the chance for acres of digital real estate, so arm yourself with some facts and figures that speak to app usage and number of pages. Communicate to your sponsors that not only will their logo be fully integrated into the app, their conversion rates will be higher with such excellent opportunities to drive traffic to a landing page of their choice.


It goes without saying that a digital asset like an event app offers way better opportunities for pushing people to a sponsor’s site than any printed equivalent.


Show them how to rock it

A huge part of keeping your sponsors happy is regular communication. As with all stakeholders, they’ll feel comfortable and happy if you can show them some love on a regular basis. On a contractual level this will probably mean setting up a communications schedule where you give them proper recognition on all of your outward facing channels. What we’re talking about here though is the friendly, heads-up kind of communications that really show you’re going the extra mile.


To relate this back to you event app, there are a few things you can do to make it seem like the app is really working hard for them.


– Take a few minutes and schedule a phone call to walk them through how the app works


– Send them some tasty screenshots of their banner ads in position, or examples of how previous sponsors have used the app to great effect


– Help them to set up a really great profile and connect all of their social media accounts


– Make yourself to them as much as possible to answer any questions they might have


It’ll be all right on the site

Make your sponsors happier still (and they should be grinning by now) by giving them plenty of insight into how your event app can drive foot traffic to their booth, stand or other activation during the event itself.


– By marking them clearly on the floor plan of the event


– Using the app’s messaging system to push reminders to attendees to drop by and say hello


– By adding a booth number or location along with an incentive to the sponsor’s banner placement


Even better, if you’re using an app like Noodle Live your sponsors have multiple opportunities to connect and engage with these newly activated prospects right at the event itself.


Using Noodle Live’s swipe card system, sponsors can grab contact info or share whitepapers, product info, discount vouchers and practically anything else they can imagine, effortlessly. Find out more about using Noodle Live.


* Sales Pitch Over *


Share the wealth (of data)

Our final tip for keeping your sponsors happy is to be as liberal as possible with the event data gleaned from the app. Be sending them some choice statistics and being as transparent as possible, they get to see exactly what impact your event had on their business. Not only will they appreciate the fact you take your data seriously, you’ll also give them food for thought to make the next time you work together even better!


We hope this has given you some great ideas for including your event app in your conversations with sponsors. If you’ve put these tips into action, have something you’d like to share or you’d like to contribute a guest post please get in touch.



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