Best of Tech – September


Here are 10 fun technology things we learnt in September.


1. Google unveiled this secret Drone delivery project – trialled in the Australian outback.




2. In light of the hacking of celebrities naked photographs, which has come to be known as #TheFappening, the Daily Mail clarified to readers that iCloud is ‘not an actual cloud’. You cannot be cirrus

Not to an actual clould



3. IKEA launched the bookbook™ to rival competitors tablet computers. This video is well worth a watch. Plus we want to be friends with the dude that stars in it.




4. We spotted a new way to pay in Tesco stores…



5. But it was quickly overshadowed by Apple’s new payment technology – Apple Pay.

Apple pay



6. And the worst kept secret of the year – Apple Watch!

Apple Watch face

Check out how we think it will change events.



7. This girl faked a whole holiday to South East Asia to show how easy it is to distort how people view your life. 40 days pretending she wasn’t just skiving in her bedroom (and a few places around The Netherlands).

Fake South-East Asia holiday



8. Contactless payment systems became more mainstream with the London Underground accepting contactless credit/debit cards and NFC enabled phone payments. We started using Barclaycard’s paytag stuck on the back of our iPhone and already feel like secret agents.

Contactless Payment on the tube


9. When the first person in Australia to get an iPhone 6 got it out of the box he immediately dropped it!



10. And finally, has September been a bit of a struggle? Need a cuddle (from a random stranger)? There’s now an app for that

Cuddlr app for cuddling strangers

So there you go! What a month! For more general internet nonsense as well as info about the events and technology industries, follow us on twitter and keep an eye on our blog 🙂

See you in October (OCTOBER?! WHERE HAS 2014 GONE?!)

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