Best of the Tech Web – September


Oh September. Our OOO’s have reluctantly been clicked out of action and we are back at our desks and ready to rock the hell out of the coming season. How are you all holding up so far? We’re sure you haven’t had a chance to catch up on all things tech out there on the world wide web, so as ever, we have done the heavy lifting for you!

Here’s the latest…


Yusaku Maezawa to be Elon Musk’s first moon tourist on Space X’s rocket.


Japanese Billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, will be shooting for the stars and taking a commercial trip around the moon in 5 years time, accompanied by leading artists and creatives (and maybe Mr Musk too if he’s lucky!).



You can download iOS 12 now.


Sweet, sweet updates! We’re sure most people are chomping at the bit to get their ‘Memoji’ up and running, but Team Noodle are still celebrating the announcement that the iPhone now natively supports NFC tags!

Want to know more? This video will fill you in on all the vitals.

Not sure what NFC is and what it means for #EventProfs? Check out our latest blog post here, don’t worry, we’ve got you!



Google’s Family Link can now turn off your teen’s phone during dinner.


Ooh er, this is going to lead to a few teenage meltdowns at the dinner table. But touché Google, this is long overdue!



NASA’s new planet hunting satellite shares ‘first light’ photo of space.


Simply stunning. Astrophiles, gather round.



Twitter will soon let you see your timeline in logical, chronological order again.


We’re definitely happy to wave goodbye to those ICYMI alerts and we’ll enthusiastically welcome back the old timeline with open arms. If it ain’t broke..!



Google’s music identification tool now recognises tens of millions of songs.


Move over, Shazam.



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