Cake of the Month: Pork Pie Wedding Cake

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OK, OK, just to warn you we’re going to cheat a bit this month – but only a little bit. We regularly salivate and swoon over the latest incredibly beautiful or impossibly delicious cake here in our cake of the month feature. However, imagine (if you can) a world where you didn’t actually like cake…


Noodle Bob confused about cake
Yeah, difficult isn’t it.
But sadly it does happen, and it’s an affliction that affects a significant slice of our society. What if you were one of those people? And what if you were engaged to marry another one of those unfortunate souls?! What might the wedding cake at your big event look like?


Well, how about something like THIS.


Noodle Live Cake of the Month: Pork Pie Wedding Cake

Image Credit: Guides for Brides



That’s right, it’s a pork pie wedding cake! Complete with 3 tiers of watercrust, pork and jelly goodness, it’s an absolute beauty. And it seems like they’re not the only butchers to have taken to this idea.


Noodle Live Cake of the Month: Pork Pie Wedding Cake

Image Credit: John Spooner



However it is unlikely to be popular with your vegetarian nearest and dearest, so perhaps a real cake (that just looks like a Pork Pie!) would be a great fall back…


Noodle Live Cake of the Month: Wedding Cake that looks like a Pork Pie

Image Credit: The Cake Company Warrington


Until next time, keep an eye out for amazing cake creations for us and do let us know if you see something we’d like to eat or just have a jolly good look at!

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This post was written by Thom Feeney, Marketing Manager at Noodle Live