Cake Of The Week

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Here at Noodle towers, it’s safe to say we are big fans of cake. We’re also partial to a biscuit or two as well but let’s leave that for another day. Our love of cake not only extends to eating these delicious treats but also means we often find ourselves falling down various internet rabbit holes hunting out the coolest cakes we can find.


What can we say – there are some seriously talented/bored/creative/crazy cake makers out there! So in the name of turning this cake related activity into something vaguely useful, we’ve decided to spice up the blog by sharing our favourite cakes with you – one for every week of the year.


Of course, there’s lots of other useful posts to find on here but in between our more knowledge packed posts, it’s always nice to have something that’s well, a little bit more frivolous!


So here’s our first cake of the week for you to enjoy (drumrolll, please!)


It seemed appropriate that our very first cake of the week should be suitably geeky – after all tech and cake are two of our great loves! So without further ado, we present the particularly awesome Pac-Man cake!



Stay tuned over on Twitter and Facebook for our weekly cake related installments!