Noodle Live at the AEO Conference 2013


We were very excited to launch Noodle Live at the AEO Conference 2013 – it was the perfect opportunity to show off our shiny new system and mobile app to the top bods in the events industry. The event was held on 31st January at the recently refurbished Olympia Conference Centre which proved to be a great venue.



The event hosted some fantastic speakers over two streams – highlights for us were keynote speaker, Sir Clive Woodward and Paul Coxhill who explained the importance of gaining useful insight from the vast realms of data available to us. A hot topic for us here at Noodle Live!


We had Noodle Live readers set up around the event so that delegates could use their Noodle Live swipe cards to pick up speaker slides, sponsor business cards, send tweets and follow the AEO on Twitter. There was a lot of swiping throughout the day with 436 document collects in total, proving once more that content is king for delegates!



Every swipe card action was tracked and displayed in the Noodle Live app – in fact, every delegate attending accessed the app at least once with over 12,000 page views throughout the day. Aside from accessing collected documents, the most popular app features with delegates were accessing the event schedule to plan their day and scanning through the profiles of fellow attendees to faciltate networking.


It was especially interesting to see how delegates were using the app not just when on-site but before and after the event to plan their time and then review everything they collected using their Noodle Live swipe cards.


The conference was also a great opportunity to pick the brains of some of the top industry thought leaders to see what they thought of Noodle Live and how technology is influencing events in general. We managed to grab a few moments with Karim Halwagi (CEO of the AEO) and Chantelle Dietz (Deputy Editor at Events Magazine) to put together this little video for you:



We also caught up with Scott Birch, the new editor of Exhibition News and we were keen to hear what he thought of Noodle Live:


“It’s been interesting actually, I’ve been used to going to lots of exhibitions, conferences, events where you end up carrying loads of press kits, material and it’s just really cumbersome. It’s quite refreshing just to carry my laptop or iPad around with me and I’m able to go round picking up all the information I need.”


He also had some interesting thoughts to share on how technology is impacting the events industry as a whole:


“I think like any industry the events industry is quickly realising the potential of technology. I think there’s still a way to go, and the state of the industry means that you have some very innovative people but you also have some people who are from a more traditional background.”


We were also picking the brains of delegates during the conference to see exactly how they thought technology was impacting the events industry – we’d love to hear your thoughts too so why don’t you jump over to give your two cents in a short survey we’ve put together.


You can find the rest of the photos from the day over on our Facebook page and the AEO Conference website.


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