Can You Demonstrate The ROI Of Event Tech?



Oh, you wanted to know how to demonstrate the ROI of event tech? Silly us. OK, well take a seat. We’ll explain everything.

Great event tech can help you to measure the success of your event. And not just the overall event as a whole. You can measure the success of individual aspects of the event, from registration times to session sign up and from audience engagement to networking and lead generation.

If you set up a comprehensive set of data touch points around your event, you could end up with loads of lovely data and concrete information about your event, what happened, what people really engaged with, what they didn’t and their overall satisfaction level. The best thing is, you can even do all of that whilst making life easier and quicker for your attendees. Perfect.

We love talking about this topic. So much so that our very own Founder and Head of Pencils, Clemi Hardie, joined a panel of industry experts on Thursday night as part of an Eventopedia event. She was joined by Gorkana Event & Marketing Manager Victoria Morrison, Glisser CEO Mike Piddock and conference host Jeremy Jacobs.

During the event a Glisser poll found that 77.8% of the #EventProfs in the audience measure the success of their event. 46% said the most helpful measure was ROI, with attendee satisfaction surveys coming in second at 27%. #EventProfs want to understand how successful their events were, and event tech can help them to streamline that process and generate loads of really useful data to give them a much clearer picture.

You can watch the full event (streamed on Facebook Live) here:

This event was held at the etc venues County Hall on Thursday January 19th, 2017 in front of an audience of more than 60 event professionals. It was also streamed live on Facebook and EventStream Live.

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