#DestinationConfex – Our first trade show

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Last month we attended our first exhibition as an exhibitor rather than a supplier. On the 18 & 19 Feb we made the short journey over to Olympia for International Confex, to woo the world of events with our little Noodle stand – CL27, in the Technology Zone since you asked!



The Noodle Live team had been waiting for this moment and Thom was excited about how quickly he put together his pop-up counter, Aurora was excited about her interactive clouds (more below) and Clemi, well Clemi was just very excited about everything!


Want to see a magic trick?

As usual, we didn’t just do things the boring way, we did it the Noodle way! We had some awesome Noodle tricks up our sleeve and we were able to amaze hundreds of people with all the things that our tech can do.


Noodle Live Confex RFID Magic Trick image with 4 playing cards

We started by teaming some old fashioned card tricks with our cutting edge card tricks as we invited attendees to pick a card (any card) before revealing their choice back to them via a quick swipe of their RFID smart badge.

We were able to quickly register attendees at our on stand badging station (this took just 10 seconds!) before giving them first hand experience of RFID technology as they collected sales packs, videos and demo versions of our app via our document collect swipe points and the information was sent straight to their email address.


Noodle Live RFID event apps, smart badges and NFC tablets technology showcased by the team



Confex 2015 Visitor Numbers Up 25%

Mash Media’s decision to team International Confex 2015 with the Event Production Show seemed to pay off, with visitor numbers up a massive 25%. We certainly experienced much higher footfall than we had anticipated and can extend a thanks to Jon Howell and the Mash team, Victoria Sikopoulis and the folks at COS Rental and our electricians from Moyne. All of which helped us every step of the way.


RFID swipe point acrylic fascia for NFC enabled tablet swipe points from Noodle Live


There was such high demand for a test run of our product that we didn’t always have enough people on our stand to help out. If you were one that got away, or if you simply would like to know more about RFID registration, document collect or lead capture. Have a look at our RFID event app page, or just give us a shout.


About Noodle Live

Noodle Live is an event technology company based in London. We provide easy to use mobile apps, audience response apps and RFID technology for events and conferences, as well as offering free Event Tech Clinic workshops to event professionals and organisers.

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This post was written by Thom Feeney, Marketing Manager at Noodle Live