Noodle Live’s Guide to the Best Halloween Geek Toys

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There’s no better time of year to be a geek than Halloween, which is why Noodle Towers is looking like a witches toy cupboard at the moment. Having just released our new exhibitor lead capture app for conferences, we figured it was time to treat ourselves. We’ve spent the week searching the internet for the best and most geeky Halloween toys. Here are our findings.

Sound Effect Robot Slippers: Team Pick

As the weather turns colder we’ve been thinking about ways to keep ourselves warm and cosy at Noodle Towers. These Giant Robot Slippers with Sound Effects could do the trick? Every time you take a step, they make a metal robot sound. That’s guaranteed not to get annoying, and the bonus is, we’ll get a heads-up when Martin is about to make the tea.

Robot slipper halloween geek toys


Aurora Bullock at Noodle Live

Life Size Yoda: Aurora’s favourite

Our Executive Assistant Aurora took a break from talking about our app for conferences and has been lusting after this full size Yoda model, because she says “he’s probably around the same size as me. We could be buddies.”

Life Size Yoda Model Halloween Geek Toys



Jess Meyer at Noodle Live

Rocket Raccoon Backpack: Jess’ favourite

Operations Director Jess wanted to get hold of this Rocket Raccoon plush Backpack Buddy for Clemi. “I think she’d look pretty nice in it actually.”


Raccoon Plush Backpack Buddy


Zombie Head Necklace: Team Pick

We weren’t really feeling steampunk outside of Burning Man, and then we came across this Etsy shop from FamilySkiners featuring all kinds of crazy creations, including this Zombie necklace. Now all we need is an invitation to a Victorian themed zombie apocalypse party with a desert-chic twist. Luckily, Noodle Towers is in Shoreditch, so we’re pretty confident our invitation is in the post.Halloween Geek Toy zombie necklace



Giles Kennedy Noodle Live

The Popinator: Giles’ favourite

Projects & Events Manager Giles is that guy in the office who always offers you sweets. He’s single-handedly responsible for Team Noodle’s sugar addiction. He’s like the opposite of Mr Motivator, except he only wears the neon lycra on Saturdays. We weren’t surprised by his choice of Geek Toy. “A voice activated popcorn cannon you say? Why yes – that would do nicely! Not a bad trick either…”  It’s so geeky that it’s still in development, but as soon as sales start, Noodle Towers will be sending a drone to pick one up.


Screen shot 2015-10-30 at 11.01.46

Screaming Face Pillow: Team Pick

We want a few of these screaming face pillows around the office, so that when people come to have a friendly chat with us about designing a bespoke app for conferences, we can invite them to take a seat and see how it long it takes them to catch sight of this out of the corner of their eye.

Halloween geek toy scream pillow


What Halloween geek toys will you be stocking up on? Let us know @NoodleLive. If you’d like to speak to us about our app for conferences or any of our event tech creations, feel free to get in touch. We love talking all things geek and we promise we won’t use pushy sales tactics.