How To Create More Opportunities For Data Capture at Events


Wish you could get more insight into what your delegates are up to at events?

Well, it’s surprisingly easy to find out. At Noodle Live, we create event tech packages that help #EventProfs reach their goals and run smoother events. One of the ways we do that is by installing data-gathering points, meaning you can gather loads and loads of really useful information.


Great question. The biggest difference between our #EventTech and some of our leading competitors is that we’re really keen to make sure it’s a two-way street. People are much more motivated when there’s something in it for them. That’s why we make each data point as appealing as possible to delegates.

We always try to offer something in return, so rather than asking delegates to tell us what they’re up to just to help us out, we offer them a great incentive in return. For example, you could offer faster check-in times, additional resources, session notes or special offers.

What Data Can I Collect?

On the average delegate journey through an event there are several opportunities to add data touch points:


There’s no need to wait until your event is up and running before you start gathering data. We can help you monitor how people use your website and mobile event apps so you can understand what information people need and what questions they may have. We can also help you keep track of who has registered and what they’re looking for from the event.


Don’t let registration become stressful and rushed. Event tech can help you make your arrival process quick and easy and allow you to gather some great data while you’re at it. Your registration table can keep you informed about the number of guests who have arrived, who you’re still waiting for and even how long people are staying. Delegates get a personalised greeting when they arrive and also have the opportunity to receive a welcome package that could include useful information such as a program, session notes, speaker profiles or sponsor information.


Forget fiddly paper coat tickets! Turn your cloakroom digital. As people drop off and pick up coats you’ll also be gathering information about who’s leaving and arriving.

Session Touch Points

Add touch-points outside each session space to enable you to speed up registration and gather information about who is attending. You cansee how popular each session was and offer session notes and speaker profiles in return. Goodbye endless stacks of paper hand-outs.

Information Points

Reduce the number of staff needed at info points and work out what it is that your delegates need help with. If the same question is being asked repeatedly you can display the answer on boards around the event or even send a push notification to delegates’ mobile event app.


Offer your exhibitors the opportunity to gather more contact details for possible leads using instant data capture at their stand. Forget taking down email addresses using pen and paper. RFID badges allow delegates to register interest instantly. It’s as fast as using your Oyster card. As the event organiser, this also helps you to find out which exhibitor was most successful. Exhibitors can increase sign ups by offering exclusive discounts, content or information in return.

After the Event

Don’t rely on unresponsive post-event emails to gather vital feedback. Follow up quickly and easily as delegates are leaving the event. It’s proven to get a higher uptake so you can easily quantify success and make improvements for next time.

Interested in finding out more about the ways great event tech can improve your delegate experience? Why not get in touch and ask us about our free workshops? We love talking about event tech and we make a mean cup of tea too.

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