New Features: Live polling and Q&A Session tools

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New Features - Noodle Live event app - Live Poll and Q&A

We want events to be interesting and easy, like everyone I guess, so we’ll never stop improving our apps and we’re always open to suggestions.


You wanted live polling, Q&A session support and ‘fastest finger first’ functionality. So, with a click of our fingers, a poof of smoke and just a pinch of some very dedicated and highly intelligent developers, we’ve conjured them up for you. Aren’t we lovely!


In January we launched a whole new suite of ‘session tools’, which make speaker sessions more interactive and thus more enjoyable to be a part of. Attendees can now use their event app to ask questions, answer questions and provide real-time feedback and polling – making your app so much more than just a digital version of the event programme.


New Features - Noodle Live event app - Live Poll and Q&A

Live Polling

Our live polling feature means speakers can now throw a question to the floor for delegates and visitors to answer via the app, results are fed back straight back in real time. Questions can be true/false style or multiple choice with similar options to that of an online questionnaire.


Speakers could use this function for a quick temperature check, gauge opinion in the room on a specific topic or even direct the course of a session based on responses, choose your own adventure style – which has HUGE potential.


Remember 90s TV ‘choose your own adventure’ game Knightmare? “Simon, sidestep to your left…”


Speaker Q&A

With our speaker Q&A functionality, we provide a separate iPad app for speaker chairs to use. Delegates/visitors submit questions via their own app, which can then be reviewed by the speaker chair.


Question and Answer Sessions Tool - Q&A - Noodle Live events app


Having this function on the app saves someone running around with a microphone – the speaker can quickly and easily read out the questions, with confirmed questions displayed in the app and, if required, displayed on a screen.


The feature is better than an unmoderated Twitter wall as it gives you more control over what content is being displayed for your visitors.


Again, there is a lot of potential for creativity with this functionality, e.g. speakers could have delegates play fun ‘fastest finger first’ style games.


Who Wants to be a Millionaire


Importantly, using the app for more interactive sessions means people are more likely to use it for other purposes too – making your app an event essential.


About Noodle Live

Noodle Live brings a seamless social experience to events, conferences and exhibitions using a combination of mobile applications and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) swipe cards to streamline information sharing. 

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This post was written by Clemi Hardie, founder and MD of Noodle Live.

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