We’re recruiting – Junior & Midweight Web/Mobile Developers


Come join team Noodle at our offices in Shoreditch, London and make awesome things all day long – we’ve got two great positions opening up so if you think you’ll cut the mustard, then get in touch.


As you may know, we use a unique combination of RFID/NFC and mobile apps to enable content sharing, real time social media integration and session interactivity at events such as conferences, exhibitions and brand experiences.


Probably the best place to start finding out more about what we do is to give this video a little watch:




Junior Web/Mobile Developer (£25,000 – £30,000 p.a.)

This position is geared towards a front-end web developer, who has some back-end PHP / MySQL knowledge.


You may be a recent graduate, and will have built some websites on your own or maybe as part of a team. You’ll know what HTML5 is, and you may also have some experience of mobile web and / or mobile application development.


You’ll have a keen desire to learn and keep up with the latest trends in web and mobile. We’ll mentor and look after you, but you’ll need to know when to ask for help and how to research solutions to problems on your own.



* 1-2 years of web development experience using PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript in a Linux / Mac OS X development environment
* A Computer Science or Web Development related degree with a 2:1 or above
* Demonstrable front-end web development skills, with some example live websites
* Some knowledge and or usage of PHP frameworks and /or MVC
* An understanding of object-oriented development
* Knowledge of Javascript, including jQuery
* A keen interest in learning and keeping up with the latest trends
* Experience of using source control (we use Git)
* Some experience with Photoshop (you don’t need to be an expert, but you should be able to turn a PSD in to clean markup and CSS)



* Responsive web-design and development
* Non-jQuery Javascript (OO, frameworks etc)
* Some native mobile development skills or experience
* Knowledge and / or experience of using one or more of the following: SASS, LESS, CoffeeScript



Mid-weight Web/Mobile Developer (£35,000 – £40,000 p.a.)

You will need to be comfortable with front-end and back-end web development, as well as have some experience working on native iOS / Android applications.


You’ll be a good all round developer, who is keen to work in an environment where unit tests and continuous integration are a core part of the development process.


You’ll know how to write code that is clean, reusable, stable, well-tested and well-documented.


You’ll not be afraid of trying new frameworks or languages, and you’ll need to be somebody who is able to operate under their own steam.



* 4-6 years of web development experience in a Linux / OS X environment

* A Computer Science or Web Development related degree with a 2:1 or above

* Excellent knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and one or more PHP MVC frameworks
* Excellent application-level OO-Javascript skills (this means not jQuery!) and experience of one or more Javascript MVC frameworks (we use Angular-JS, but others are fine)

* Responsive web development and mobile API integration experience

* Knowledge and experience of using Doctrine or other

* One or more projects and / or contributions to projects on Github

* One or more iOS / Android apps in the app store

* Experience of using git, bash scripting, Apache configuration, Linux command line etc (you should know most of this off the top of your head)

* Experience of using SASS and CoffeeScript

* Experience of working with and possibly mentoring Junior developers



* You know what dependency injection, continuous integration and test-driven development are, and why / how to use them

* You should know of and / or have used some of the following: Composer, PHPUnit, Capistrano, Vagrant, NodeJS, Bower, Symfony components

* You have some experience leading / managing projects and teams


Please apply for these positions by emailing Gary Pearman – gary@noodlelive.com by 14th March

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