Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet February 2016


Remember that time in February 2016 when everyone thought people accidentally dressing as their surroundings was absolutely hilarious? Yeah, so do we. We even took a break from creating bespoke conference apps and apps for events to create a list of the best things that happened on the t’internet last month so we would never, ever forget.

A Human-being Made an Automated Paper Airplane Maker

Thank you humanity.

The New OK Go Video Lived Up to Expectations

They’re back! Ok Go have become legends in the world of music videos ever since their incredible treadmill sequence in 2006. They’ve been trying to top the elaborate choreography ever since, and this zero-gravity offering is a pretty great effort (worth at least a few minutes of distraction from coding and designing conference apps).

People Accidentally Dressed as Their Surroundings

In February the internet went mad for a brand new meme: people who accidentally dressed like their surroundings.





You make one comment about being a Trump fan and all of a sudden…

This Guy Lost His Marbles In the Best Way Possible

2,000 marbles were used to create this stunning musical instrument.

Where’s Wally IRL

We still can’t find him! Darn you Wally. Darn you.

Someone Invented a Noise Cancelling Work Helmet

Because being an introvert can be painful at times.


Charlie the Unicorn Fans Rejoiced…

…as the grumpy animated character appeared on a KickStarter fundraiser that promises to create one final episode. We’re hoping he has 3 kids, turns his hand to developing conference apps and heads off into the sunset happily ever after. What are our chances?charlie_the_unicorn

This Guy’s Morning Was Worse Than Ours

 And we couldn’t get enough of it.

We’re always looking for new funny internet material at Noodle Towers. It gives us an excuse to take a quick break from building conference apps and playing about with RFID terminals. If you see something that makes you smile send it to us @NoodleLive and we’ll include it in our next roundup.

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