How Much Data do #EventProfs Need to Gather at Events?

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At Noodle Live our RFID and Event Mobile App packages are designed to improve the event experience for delegates, organisers and exhibitors alike, but there’s also a huge secondary benefit: our tech allows #EventProfs to collect huge piles of lovely data about their audience and how they behave during the event.

Data about your customers is one of your best assets, so are you gathering as much data as you need at your events?

How can event technology help me to gather more data?

Using our event tech we can establish a range of ‘data touch points’ throughout your event. These touch points help us to gather loads of information about your delegates and what they get up to during an event. We use a combination of mobile event apps, RFID & NFC technology to make all of our data touch points quick and easy to use.

What’s in it for delegates?

People don’t enjoy being tracked. That’s why we go out of our way to make our data touch points appealing to your delegates.

We believe that every interaction should be a two-way exchange. You’re asking delegates to give you information about themselves, so in return, we help you to ensure that the delegates get something too. That could be anything from faster check-in times to instant emails with additional resources, session notes or special offers. We like to call this data currency. On the average delegate journey through an event there are several opportunities to add data touch points:

Digital interactions & Pre-registration
Pre-registration touch points help you to gather data about who has registered and who to expect on the day. We can help you to monitor how people use your website and mobile event apps so that you can understand what information people are looking for.
Delegate benefit: Using the information you gather you can help delegates to find the information they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On site registration
Use event technology to register guests as they arrive and gather real time data about who is at the event, how many more to expect and how long people are staying. Event technology also speeds up registration times, which is great for everyone.
Delegate benefit: Faster check-in and a personalised welcome message that tells you where you need to be or what you might enjoy. It’s also possible to create a full welcome package that could include a digital program, session notes, speaker profiles etc. We work with you to identify the information that your delegates might find useful.

The cloakroom is much easier to manage and the data you collect will give you information about who is arriving and who is leaving the event.
Delegate benefit: Delegates can use their mobile event apps to leave their coats and bags in the cloakroom. This means faster coat check-in and no hassle with annoying coat tickets.

On site interactions
You can gather data about who attended each session and how popular each session proved to be. You can also save a lot of time in emailing out post event content.
Delegate benefit: Visitors can gather information about speakers and the talks they see. Our touch points can be set up to send emails directly to their inbox with PDF attachments that have been created by you in advance, so the information can easily be shared with colleagues too.

Information points
Reduce the number of staff enquiries and cater for people who don’t want to use their mobile event apps or who face the dreaded dead phone battery.
Delegate benefit: All of the essential information your visitors need can be displayed at information points which they can access without having to use their mobile phone or event app.

Post event interactions
Gather post event feedback and follow up quickly and easily with more information or resources for attendees. When you use event tech to gather feedback you’ll get a much higher uptake, making it easier to quantify the success of the event and make improvements for next time.
Delegate benefit: No annoying post event surveys. Simply leave your feedback as you are exiting the event. Simple!

Exhibitors can use data touch points at their stand to gather more contact details for potential leads. This is great for #EventProfs too as it helps you to identify which exhibitors were most popular.
Delegate benefit: Delegate can instantly access content from each exhibitor and keep a record of which exhibitors they interacted with

This all sounds great. How do I get started?













We start by identifying your needs and then we look to our technology to provide you with solutions.

Noodle Live is driven by a genuine passion for the opportunities that mobile event apps and RFID & NFC technology provide. When we work with #EventProfs we begin with a detailed consultation in which we explore the aims and goals of the overall event – the reasons why you’re holding an event in the first place. We then use our range of event technology to try to better meet those goals.

Great event tech can:

  • Create a better delegate experience
  • Make key processes more efficient
  • Report on event attendance
  • Capture leads for event partners
  • Identify popular sessions & features
  • Streamline delegate communication
  • Quantify success via event feedback
  • Enable a more targeted event follow up
  • Use data for event & business development