The Most Popular Event Industry Headlines: October 2017


Trying to stay on top of the latest event industry headlines? Struggling. Yep – we hear you. Trying to be a well-informed event professional can be exhausting. The world seems to be overflowing with interesting articles, blogs and opinion pieces. So where do you start?

We’ve got some ideas! Why not start with some of the most popular content to be shared under the #EventProfs hahstag last month? We’ve rounded up the top headlines and summarised them for your reading pleasure. All you need to do is grab a quick cuppa and find a cosy chair!

  1. Brands are Doing More Experiential Marketing. Here’s How They’re Measuring Whether It’s Working (3,400 shares)

The most shared of this month’s event industry headlines! Marketing magazine Adweek take a look at the growing trend for experiential events, M&Ms, Jaguar and Mastercard are amongst the big name brands who are turning to experiential marketing in order to connect with consumers. The article claims that CMOs are seeing a growing value in using events to engage new consumers, create compelling brand engagements and foster increased customer loyalty.

  1. How Very Successful Event Planners Think Differently (433 shares)

Event Manager Blog’s most shared piece of content for #EventProfs in October took a peek into the mind of a successful event planner and offered some tips and ideas for changing your mindset to improve your work. They suggested thinking positively, turning struggles into opportunities, taking time to teach and learn from other people and focusing on what they want (amongst many other tips).

  1. Event Marketing Effectiveness: Three Key Factors to Consider Before Investing in an Event (335 shares)

How do measure event ROI to ensure your event is worth investing in? MarketingProfs recommend asking yourself three questions before deciding whether an event is worth investing in: will there be leadership opportunities? Will there be networking opportunities? Will the event offer good branding and visibility?

  1. Hollywood Nights: 7 Theatrical Hotels To Book Now (300 shares)

Looking for an unusual venue? Forbes takes a look at 7 hotels that take entertainment as seriously as comfort. With dramatic decorations, jaw-dropping technology tricks and personalised adventures, these hotels will keep you enthralled and intrigued.

  1. How Major Brands Are Expanding Live Events to Reach New Audiences (270 shares)

An uplifting event industry headline and a summary of some of the key insights from Marketing Week. The article explores ways to react to the threat of a ‘Netflix and Chill’ culture, how to sell FOMO and how to use technology to create new sales streams.

  1. #EventProfs Share Their Most Unpopular Opinions About Events (233 shares)

Every industry has it’s hidden secrets and taboos. Event Manager Blog set out to explore the event industries hidden dark spots and to expose the thoughts and ideas we can’t talk about day to day. From taking accountability for your own stress to working remotely and taking power away from photographers – here are some of the things you’ve always wanted to say but never been able to.

  1. 25 Event Venues and Destinations to Watch in 2018 (224 shares)

Need some ideas for your next venue or destination? Event Manager Blog are soon to launch a new tool to help you explore venues and make good choices. In this article they offer some advice to make sure you find the right space for your needs.

  1. 100 Event Theme Ideas (185 shares)

Looking for some inspiration for your next event theme? Event Manager Blog offer some great ideas to get your creative mind in gear. Ever considered neon garden, Great Gatsby, crazy hats, Disco Inferno or Second Chance Prom?

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