Top Headlines for #EventProfs August 2017


Downtime? What’s that? When was the last time you had a moment to sit and read the latest headlines for #EventProfs?

At Noodle Live, when we’re not busy making apps for events, we like to keep an eye on the latest industry news to make sure we’re up to date with the latest innovations and developments.

We always make a note of the most shared articles for our team, so we thought, hey, why not share the spoils? We’ve put together a list of the most popular articles for #EventProfs from the last 30 days. These are the articles that had the most shares on social media platforms using the tag #EventProfs, so you can stay in the know about the biggest news stories.

Here’s what you missed:

1. Spanish Music Festival Hit by Huge Blaze (1,900 shares)

More than twenty thousand people were evacuated from the Tomorrowland Unite festival near Barcelona as flames swept the stage. The festival organisers stated that the flames were caused by a technical malfunction and that no injuries had been reported.

2. A Designers Guide to Brainstorms That Are Actually Useful (1,100 shares)

Why do we use brainstorms and are they actually useful? Eli Woolery sets out some new rules for brainstorms that will really help to generate practical, interesting ideas without the time wasting.

3. Hotels Find Alternatives to Room Service (791 shares)

Fewer and fewer hotel guests are ordering room service as services such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats grow in popularity. Rather than fighting the trend, some hotels are replacing traditional room service with third-party food delivery. This article looks at how they’re doing it and what #EventProfs can learn.

4. 12 Secrets to Getting More Event Business From LinkedIn (368 shares)

The excellent Event Manager blog offer some tips and ideas for #EventProfs in order to help them use LinkedIn effectively. Top tip? Create an all-star profile by adding as many relevant details as possible.

5. 16 Inevitable Ways to Make Event Attendees Happy (308 shares)

Want your guests to leave your event feeling all warm and fuzzy inside? Check out these 16 tips for creating an event that leaves everyone smiling. From showing you care to offering freebies, this guide from Event Manager Blog gives you simple solutions to make your events a little bit happier.

6. Meeting Planners Sound Off on Their Biggest Challenges (287 shares)

If you’re a #MeetingProf, you’ll know that every client presents different challenges. So, what are the top challenges facing the industry and how are people getting around them? Coming in top: clients who don’t know what they want and the challenges of managing data. We can’t help with the first point, but we’re happy to give you some tips on the second and all questions about GDPR for #EventProfs.

Ok, time for us to get back to making our apps for events. If you saw a headline that caught your eye and you think it should be featured next month, let us know @hellonoodle.

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